Swimming weight loss has a trick

Swimming weight loss has a trick

I am a lifeguard in the swimming pool and I meet friends who want to lose weight by swimming every day.

They swim a few millimeters or even tens of thousands of meters at a time, exhausted exhausted, but the weight has not been reduced.

Some people therefore assert that swimming can not lose weight.

  In fact, swimming can effectively lose weight.

According to the practice, I have summarized the snoring of swimming to lose weight: short swim to find a sense of floating, diligently out of the water to find gravity.

  The specific operation is as follows: immediately after the water is taken, look for the comfort of the body floating, the middle-aged or the weak body to take the minimum action to maintain the floating movement, you can slide water with both hands.

Mix and breathe, close your eyes and want to go to sleep, suddenly wake up or blink your eyes, feel the water immediately when you are comfortable and relaxed.

When the water is out, the movement should be moderated. It is necessary to feel the weight of the body in the water, compare the floating feeling in the water and the sense of gravity supporting the body on the ground.

Some people are physically strong, it is difficult to appreciate this feeling, then swim a distance, the frequency of action is low, so as not to speed up the heartbeat, and then find the feeling.

After the gravity and fatigue have disappeared, return to the water.

Do not dive, because it is easy to eliminate the feeling that has been produced.

  Using this method to lose weight, persist for a few days, the original belly bulging feeling will disappear, the abdomen feels relaxed, but the weight loss is very small.

If you insist on three to five months, the diet is slightly restrained, supplemented by a one to two kilometer walk a day, the weight can naturally slowly descend.

A friend who wants to lose weight and does not want to go on a diet does not hinder a try.