Is vomiting physiological or pathological?

Is vomiting physiological or pathological?

The neonatal vomiting is determined by the anatomy and physiology of the digestive system.

We know that the stomach of newborns is often horizontal. The two ends are like pockets tied with elastic bands. The upper end of the stomach is the cardia, and the muscles are immature, so it is more relaxed. The pylorus is at the lower end of the stomach, and the muscles are relatively tight.Fractures are often prone to fractures.

  At the same time, the stomach volume of the newborn is small, only 30-50 ml (about one or two), coupled with incomplete development of the cerebral cortex, and the ability to control the residual vomiting is not strong. Therefore, when the newborn sucks milk,Spitting is prone to occur sooner or too much.

  Clinically, the milk spill of our newborns means that the milk leaks from the mouth of the newborn after feeding. The pressure is not large and often appears non-sprayed. This is a common phenomenon in the first few weeks of normal newborns.There is no effect on growth and development, but it is related to temporary neuromodulation disorders and cardia relaxation and other factors, which lead to the increase of age and the phenomenon of milk spillage often goes away.

  Parents and friends understand the reason, when the newborn vomits, if it can give a correct and reasonable replacement, avoid excessive feeding, too fast, pay attention to the size of the nipple hole, while avoiding the inhalation of air when sucking, and feedingKeep the baby in an upright position, and then put it back on the bed after uh snoring (esp. Snoring), especially if the child has vomiting, keep the child in the right position to prevent the occurrence of pneumonia or even suffocation caused by inhalation of the trachea after spilling milk.The most effective way to avoid neonatal milking and prevent complications.

  Questions about vomiting: Parents and friends who vomit milk are physiological or pathological. If you can understand some medical knowledge and understand that neonatal spillover is completely a physiological phenomenon, at the same time, master the correct alternative method, I believe your baby will be able to grow up healthy and robust.