10 ways to identify the psychological bottom line of your boss

10 ways to identify the psychological bottom line of your boss

Recently I heard a professional manager sigh: “I just said something wrong and I was killed. As for?

A grand boss, why do you think so?

“I didn’t ask more for one reason.

However, as a consultant, because of his special role, he can often reach a variety of bosses and professional managers, and the above sighs are often heard.

  The oldest husband, Ms. Wang, is the deputy general manager of administrative personnel of a well-known private enterprise group. Jumping from the director of a foreign enterprise to the vice president of this private enterprise is nothing more than career development, promotion and major salary increasesopportunity.

According to what she said at the beginning: “A blank piece of paper better replaces the most beautiful and newest blueprint, and I finally found a place where I can use my advantages and talents!

The boss also hopes that by introducing her, the company will make a qualitative leap in human resources.

  As soon as she took office at the end of 2006, she ignited three fires: first, the implementation of performance target assessment; second, job competition, superiority and inferiority; finally, system training, talent training.

With a passion for her career, she has formulated detailed human resource development strategies and tactics.

Even experts from a professional perspective think that the plan is well done.

But within three months, her plan was stranded, and five months later she was fired by the company.

  The reason is that Ms. Wang’s inherent conclusion is that she miscalculated the corporate culture. Although the plan is good, it cannot take root in the company. This western-sourced tree has no growing soil. How can it bear fruit?

Although it is a blank piece of paper, your pen cannot paint colors at all.

  Taking advantage of the opportunity to interview the company, I talked to the boss about it, and he said, “The reason why I fired her was simple.

Her three fires burned into my house as soon as she arrived, and the performance goals were correct, and the job competition was right. Training was even better.

I am willing to spend money, and I am willing to cultivate people.

But she had to touch my seven aunts and eight aunts.

Even my Laozhang people are not used to it. Laozhang people are very old and are willing to come to the company to do their part.

Such dedication has always been an example for employees to learn.

However, she believes that her ability model does not meet the requirements of the communication room gatekeeper, does not meet the standards of international companies, and says that she should be dismissed or dismissed.

My old husband broke my heart all night, saying that the opportunity to play some extra heat in his old age was gone, and his old face had no place to rest.

However, she believes that this can reduce the leading role of a hundred thousand and is a key event for the standardized management of the company’s human resources.

I have repeatedly and intentionally or accidentally prompted her to operate from other places, she is not!

Think this is expected.

During that time, my wife went home without opening the door, and the family gained a reputation of being unkind.

In the past few years when I was in the family, Laozhangren has helped me a lot. I can’t let go of this emotion. Cutting him is just like cutting my meat!

Let her go or my husband, I have no choice!

“Because, after all, the boss is also a human being, and he has passions and desires.

If you touch the fragile, sensitive emotional nerve deep in his soul, he has to move your seat.

Respect the boss’s emotions and gain the boss’s approval. In fact, he has obtained the greatest driving force for change. In addition to family relationships, the bosses are also good at seeing the details in the details, and may be motivated by small moral flaws.

  In the afternoon of July 2007, Mr. Zhao, an air-conditioning company in Guangzhou, rushed to call me, and he must teach the course “Ethics and Loyalty” in his company as soon as possible.

Asked why, his company is secretly immoral, and the consequences of “rectifying the wind” are unthinkable.

  He talked angrily on the phone: their air conditioners have entered the peak sales season since May, and sales have remained high in July, and the entire company has entered a state of high readiness.

  In the days when good news was circulating, manager Li, a deputy in charge of sales for their company, was suspended.

The reason for the suspension may be due to a detail.

The head office has customized a set of kitchen knives for sales promotion, and anyone who purchases the product will receive a free copy.

The price of this tool company is around 70 yuan, and the external bid is 105 yuan.

Manager Li did something that looked “smart”. The company’s air-conditioning brand is good and cost-effective, so customers are not buying for gifts.So he withheld all the gifts for the past three months and sold them to the owner of a hardware store at a low price.

The boss bought the goods cheerfully, and Manager Li also happily earned nearly 6,000 yuan.

Manager Li really has a sense of morale, and 6000 yuan has been awarded as a bonus, which is distributed according to the proportion of job size.

Even the sales back office received a 200 yuan peak season bonus, the department was excited and excited, and is planning how to deal with the next round of promotional items “set tableware”.

  General Manager Zhao knew this and not only praised Xiao Li, but he was suspended from his post.

According to Mr. Zhao, Xiao Li’s behavior is extremely unethical. Although his money was not embezzled, the consequences were even more serious than embezzlement.

Because he created a bad ethos within the team, people across the company thought that breaking customer interests and business rules was a meaningful thing.

If it is not possible to kill the wind, employees’ professional values will go into a misunderstanding, customer satisfaction will decline or be lost, and the company’s brand will be affected.

  I regret the suspension of Manager Li, but the establishment of employees’ professional ethics and a correct understanding of corporate loyalty are the first factors for us to use employees.

  In the thinking consciousness of professional managers, it is considered that harmless behavior may have surpassed the “Thunder Pool” of the enterprise.

The reason why foreign companies attach great importance to the training of ethics and corporate value when training employees is because it will determine the guidance of employees’ future behavior.

  Boss without a bottom line is terrible, but professional managers who cannot identify the bottom line of the boss’s psychology are sad.

Therefore, as a professional manager, take the initiative to analyze, understand, and find out the psychological bottom line of the boss. This will correctly guide you to determine whether you have truly found someone in the “Tao”, and also determine how far you can go in the future.