Aerobic exercise weight loss effect

Aerobic exercise weight loss effect

Losing weight is probably a problem that people all over the world have headaches.

Aerobic exercise is recognized as the best way to lose weight.

Aerobic exercise is not just about a variety of aerobic exercises, but also endurance sports such as running, cycling, swimming, skipping, etc. It sounds boring, maybe you have done it, maybe because the effect is not as you expected orConditional, time constraints, and ultimately did not insist.

The result is still fat!

Xiaobian will solve this mystery for you.

  It’s not that these aerobic exercises have no effect or suit you. Generally speaking, unless there is a special disease, aerobic exercise has a very good effect on improving heart and lung function and fat loss for everyone. The key is to be based on your own physical fitness.Conditions, as well as the choice of aerobics according to their own sports interests, as well as a few points to pay attention to aerobic weight loss, design a prescription for aerobic exercise, because the body only knows best.

  1, heart rate This is the most direct indicator to determine the effectiveness and intensity of aerobic exercise.

Many fitness machines in the gym now consume calories (quantity) counts.

But in fact, this kind of counting is generally very different from the actual consumption, and there is a disproportion between the consumption and the small consumption.

Adult catabolism is a complex series of biochemical reactions, and heart rate reflects the sympathetic excitability. Sympathetic excitation promotes the secretion of lipid breakdown hormone, thereby activating lipolytic enzymes, allowing storage in adult cell tissues.The harmful decomposition is free fatty acid and glycerin, and the fatty acid can be decomposed into carbonic acid and water and release a large amount of energy under the condition of sufficient oxygen supply.

  So how much heart rate does it reach during exercise?

Or can strength be effective to lose weight?

First introduce a few parameters, the maximum heart rate: MHR is 220 – your age, minimum heart rate, usually tested in the morning.

Retain heart rate is the maximum heart rate – the lowest heart rate weight loss rate is also the heart rate range of aerobic exercise should be the minimum heart rate + retention heart rate × 50% -60% exercise rate of heart rate range is the minimum heart rate + retention heart rate × 60% -70%.
Since the maximum heart rate is a predetermined value based on the physiological condition of the heartbeat limit, the actual strength is suitable for the person, and can be maintained at 60 for the first time.
65% MHR is available.

If you pursue high intensity regardless of your physical condition, it will be detrimental to your health.

  2, according to the study of American sports medicine, 15 minutes before aerobic exercise, liver glycogen as the main energy supply, adult energy supply after exercise 15?
It only starts in 20 minutes, so it usually requires aerobic exercise for more than 30 minutes. Then there is a problem. It is easy to exercise for 30 minutes while maintaining high intensity, such as 65% MHR. Does everyone have such basic physical strength?

Let us first look at the concept of how to exercise for 30 minutes while maintaining high intensity, such as 65% MHR.

Adult women 800 meters and men’s 1500 meters long run can generally achieve the required heart rate, the average person should have such experience in physical education classes.

The time to reach the standard is 4?
5 minutes and 6?
7 minutes.

Then, if you run at a medium speed of 6 to 8 kilometers, you can reach 65% of MHR aerobic exercise for 30 minutes.