Accelerate construction of new power systems

  Since this year, China Shanxi Electric Power New Energy is 43 billion kilowatts, which increases from 169 billion kilowatts from a new energy power year.

National Network Shanxi Electric Power investment billion yuan, built 342 chargestation stations, 3,288 charging piles, accumulating alternative electricity billion kW, equivalent to alternative fuel tons. Wang Yue, Director, Department of Hydropower and New Energy, Director, Shanxi Electric Power Dispatch Control Center, "New Power System is an upgrade of power supply structure, load characteristics, grid form, technical foundation, operational characteristics, etc., is a traditional power system once Big change.

"Technology innovation is expected to bring breakthroughs for the construction of the new power system." Currently, we are studying the weather forecast for complex algorithms, electricity distribution new energy scheduling system, on the basis of precision pre-judgment, on the basis of weather conditions in the next few days, New energy power in the next few days, accurately pre-allocate power supply, minimizing new energy power generation. "Guo Qiang, the staff of Shanxi Electric Power Marketing Department, China

"This will promote the role of broadening new energy amazing space and improving new energy utilization. Wang Zhengtao, chairman of the China Net Shanxi Electric Power Company, said," We will promote the company’s transformation from traditional grid companies to energy Internet companies, The transformation of large power grid, microgrid, local DC grid fusion, distribution, multi-use energy, polymorphic service transition, promotion technical field to the source network storage full chain extension.