Ramper e-commerce promotes the docking of agricultural and foreign production and sales, and is invited to participate in the National Accurate Poverty Alleviation Seminar.

On September 28th, the national precision poverty alleviation is transformed – the fifth video seminar was held. The seminar uses "Learning the E-commerce Poverty Alleviation Experience, Solving the Sale of Agricultural Products, Promoting the Poverteration of Poverty" as the Direction of Exchange, to consolidate the poverty reduction in the next step, and help rural resolutions provide e-commerce experience reference.

Qiu Shuangzheng, the relevant person in charge of the e-commerce, shared the platform in promoting the production and sales of agricultural products and promoting the production and sales of farmers, and the case data.

He introduced that since its establishment, he continued to explore the effective way of serving agriculture, rural and farm. On the occasion of the Harvest Festival this year, the platform "rich domain plan" specially launched a special event of "rich field harvest season", in-depth hundred counties and cities in the country to help local specialty farmers. It is understood that from September 9th to 23rd, the hanging e-commerce launched more than 200,000 agricultural and sideline products, with traffic support, goods subsidies, etc. to help 43.233 million agricultural and sideline products, and agricultural stock sales volume increased year-on-year.

"Only one day on September 16, we sold nearly 259 tons of flat and honeyprises, about 16 meters long trucks. There is also a fresh industry to live for less than 3 hours, selling 300,000 The jounds of Shaanxi Cuixiang kiwi, which is equivalent to selling about 10,000 kiwi trees for one year.

"Qiu Shuang at the seminar, shared the latest sales data of the platform, and discussing the experience of e-commerce with the experts and guests. As the agricultural products are deepened, the retail sales of agricultural products ushered in rapid growth.

According to the data released by the Ministry of Commerce, the retail sales of agricultural products in the country reached 5.75 billion yuan in 2020. In the case of overcoming difficulties in overcoming new coronag pneumonia, flood natural disasters, food and agriculture have got a harvest.

The focus of "three rural" work has historic steering to fully promote the revitalization of rural villages.

In this context, e-commerce has a unique advantage in solving the sales of agricultural products, and has a unique advantage in poverty of poverty income.

Data show that as of early ended this year, the number of e-commerce revenue has exceeded 1 million, and a large number of rural merchants have settled the income and increased income. Tudonic e-commerce in helping regional agricultural goods sales feature, through short video and live quality, presenting different regional agricultural products, and then uses precision information distribution, promoting agricultural and sideline products production and sales, help it sell more Big market.

Qiu Shuang said that the Tulk E-Commerce will continue to actively bear social responsibility, continue to go deep into the fields, and connect to both ends of agricultural and sideline products, help more new farmers to enhance live goods skills, and earnestly enhance farmers’ income.