“This seems to be a young dragon。”Lu Wenye whispered。

“how is this possible,The young dragon is brave,At most, he can deal with a lizard water monster that has been cultivated for three to four hundred years.。”Chen Bai said。
“Yep,It is the young dragon I will try this time。”Zhu Minglang responded。
“You are young dragon,I drank your foot wash tonight。”Chen Bai still doesn’t believe it。
“So heavy?”Zhu Minglang never thought that someone would make such a weird request。
“Everyone is classmate,Be honest,Just you black dragon,If you have a bigger body, I believe it is a dragon。”Chen Bai continued。
First419chapter Ono Jiao’s first battle
The little black dragon is simply the nemesis of these lizards。
Physique,The claws of the little black dragon’s hard-skinned lizard water monster can’t tear apart,The fangs gnawed on the little black dragon,The lizard demon broke his teeth first。
Specific water,Although the little black dragon does not control water,Don’t understand water magic,But it is a good swimmer,These lizards will be twisted out and beaten by the little black dragon when they hide in the mud deep of the pond.。
Ancient Dragon Fighting Ability,It’s even more imprinted in the blood of the little black dragon,These stupid lizards with no fighting skills are not even the opponents of the little black dragon。
Black dragon martial arts,Can’t stop it!
Ancient Dragon Fighting Spirit,Ancient Dragon Combat Skills,Ancient Dragon Blood Fight,Gulong Fight,The young dragon has shown a terrifying talent for fighting。