This sect that uses assassination as a means of living,Internal members are extremely complicated,The strength is also very strong。Its power in the southwest corner of the mainland is just the tip of the iceberg of its full strength。

This killer building has a master killer,Domain master killer—Martial artist(Constant star)There are many killers。
But the identities of the killers in this killer building are kept secret,The black list only records their status as the top killers in the killer house。No one knows the real identity—-If you know,It is estimated that they have already died from the black list。
And the other four,The three domain masters are all bandits,Take a group of subordinates to plunder and rob,Tiger Roaring Mountain Forest。With the strength of their domain master,Enough to rob the main cities of some small states。Even if you can’t attack,Forcing blackmail is easy。
And the last one is a master-level master with a crazy personality—This master follows《Black list》The statement,Almost all really lunatics。He kills,Not because of money,It’s not pure bloodthirsty。His killing,For almost no reason,Without warning。
Maybe a second,He is still communicating with people normally,Next second,Cut off the opponent’s head with a single turn of the knife。
If it’s not for the blacklist《Grand Master Warrior List》,The master of the master martial artist list may not be a sword idiot。
Of course, the most important reason Li Ming pays attention to him is,The main activity area of this master is within a hundred thousand li in the Yanya domain.‘River Valley’。
“The first target selection is yours,‘Crazy ghost’Chen Ku~”
“But before that,There seems to be a little tail behind me。Get rid of them first。
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Chapter Twenty Five Secretly