“no,I haven’t started watching yet.,My eyes are hurting。”

“and you……How suddenly said that your previous things。”
“How do I know that you are so stupid?,Continental inexhaustible syndrome,Emotional fluctuations have a key impact on aggravating the condition,This is unclear。”
Zhou Ye turned over white eyes,I want Xu Ruoba definitely be confused.,He must know that Qi Pingjun is the intestinal easy-to-teach syndrome.,Frightened Zhou Ye did not pay attention to this details,Deliberately prompted。
Zhou Ye“Gigbling”Laughter,Trend smiles very hats。
Xu Ruo’s free expression:“Dry,Play a mental illness?”
Zhou Ye:“no,Just feeling how the state of the mental patient is。”
“You said why so many mental illnesses in the world。”Zhou Ye I turned my big eyes,Cold frost in front of the patient,But when Xu Ruo and Chen Riyuan,Zhou Ye can always expose his most authentic side。
He always only is a young doctor,A medical students who do not really step into jobs……
Xu Ruo is not false:“There is naturally his truth,May be inherited,May be social pressure,This is not important,Important is when he encounters these patients,As a doctor, we can induce them from this psychological barrier.。”
“This is the true mission of the doctor.。”Xu Ruobai added,Eye,He put this hope in Zhou Ye.。
NS512chapter treatment plan
Xu Ruobing’s words make Zhou Ye have a lot of benefits,He thought,Suddenly silent,I don’t know what to say.。
The path of learning medical medicine is always extremely long.,He found that sometimes it is not only a medical promotion in the hospital.,Sometimes it is a pattern,A pattern of treating anything,If people can see through and die,Then he will inevitably super。
“Let you talk about the use of medication.,My eyes hurt,Staring at the screen to see the flower,Getting older,I understand me.。”
Xu Ruozhi wears the glasses to try to see the doctor’s doctor,But only look at both eyes, I feel dazzled.,Hurry and pick your eyes。
Zhou Yeny nodded,Whispered“it is good”,He reached out and pushed the chair.,Slow moving, standing up,Look around and walk towards the back.。
Xu Ruozi’s forehead,I heard the footsteps that Wen Ye went backwards.,Ask:“Xiao Wu,What’s wrong with you,What do you do?,Do you have to go to the ward??Extrovert,Patient sometimes runs out dangerous,You remember reminding nurse’s attention。”
“Teacher Xu,I didn’t go out.,I give you a cup of water.。”
Zhou Ye I looked with a smile,Found the water cup of Xu Ruo,Going to the side of the drinker and playing a hot water,He found that the top of the Water Cup of Xu Ruo is a hospital.100Annual celebration pattern,If you use it now,For a few years,There are still a lot of water in the water cup.……
“Teacher Xu Your Cup should be washed with water stain powder.,All over,Drinking is easy to get sick。”Zhou Ye。
He slowly placed the cup in front of Xu Ruobo,When putting on the table,Take off your hand,The water in the cup is directly splash in the cup.,Form a cropped transparent flower……Water flower……,Petal crystal brightness,Bone,Only in the water,It seems that it seems to be a little beautiful.。
But this is not a focus……
The focus is water splash.,Splashing on the face of Xu Ruo,Xu Ruo opens your eyes,Grown eyes,Gripping,A destination:“Xiao Wu……what are you doing。”
Zhou Ye I only felt a piece of jewal hole in the mind.,He blinked blinking,The bright, bright, bright, the bright, the brightness, there is some flashing.:“I poured water。”
“I rubbed,Teacher Xu。”Zhou Ye saw Xu Ruo’s movement very slow and blunt,Also especially slow,Talking is weak,Just hurry from the black melamine office desk to grab a napkin box,Crazy,Pinching a piece of paper is wiped toward Xu Ruozi。
Xu Ruobo,Zhou Yewu is very hard,He looked at his old and pleated skin.,Wrought red and swollen feelings by Zhou Ye。
Zhou Ye watched a red scar that Xu Ruo ice was rubbed with a napkin,Heartbeat:“Teacher Xu,your face……”
Xu Ruozi sighed,I took the paper towel, I carefully wipe it.,Say:“I will do it myself,You are sitting on the Pingjun’s medication plan.。”
“it is good。”
Zhou Ye is sitting down,Click the mouse,Close the original error pop-up window,Enter the work number to log in to the electronic doctor system。