So whether it is Brother Cao,Those brothers and sisters of the Brain Machine Society who are calm after all,Or Lu Yuxin is naturally the most suitable candidate。They naturally have the highest trust in Wang Yufei,Just need to follow the command,Naturally, Wang Yufei’s vision can be completed as quickly as possible。

The early quantum brain Wang Yufei did not require much performance,Just need to make this quantum brain can continue to run like a classic electronic computer,Able to solve common problems according to algorithms,Proved that his idea was completely correct,Naturally, we can use this result to directly recruit relevant talents。
There will be no more doubts at that time,Everyone will follow his ideas to upgrade the quantum brain。All he needs to consider is safety,Without thinking about trust。
So at the beginning of the quantum laboratory,The laboratory is really in need of Lu Yuxin。
So on the way back to the bedroom,Wang Yufei said to Lu Yuxin very seriously:“Yu Xin,Have you considered,Learn to put aside,Let’s support the big project of Quantum Brain?This is a big project that can change the world。”
“Are you really confident in your bet with Google?”Lu Yuxin did not directly answer Wang Yufei’s question,But he asked with his head sideways。
“of course!”Wang Yufei said confidently。
This is the courage the brain gives him。If you want to rely on the occult,Probably a kind of ability similar to prophecy,Let Wang Yufei feel that if he does according to his idea,As long as we can work hard to solve the process problem,It must create the world’s most advanced quantum brain。
If not,That must be because the manufacturing process fails to meet the requirements,But based on his knowledge of the performance of those high-end devices these days,The current level of technology is sufficient to support the project of Quantum Brain。
Look,Self-confidence is that simple。
Lu Yuxin continued to ask:“But there is still a shortage?”
Wang Yufei nodded,There is indeed a lack of people。