While Yu Zhe was still thinking,Chen Zirong suddenly pushed in,After holding a word, he left in a hurry,Everyone has no time to answer“understand”,The other party has gone far。

He has a strong hunch,Chen Zirong must have come for the assassination this time,So I didn’t care about organizing things,The first to rush out of the staff room,Go straight to the hall。
Downstairs is not just Chen Zirong,Even Li Hao is there,The two seem to be discussing this fiercely,See Yu Zhe coming,Close up tacitly and stop talking。
At this time, there are no other employees in the lobby except him,The two opposite people looked at him with strange eyes at the same time,Makes him feel uncomfortable。
Chen Zirong just wanted to say something,Employee“Large force”Already arrived,He didn’t go on。
People are standing together one after another,Chen Zirong counted the number of people,After confirming Qi, he nodded to Li Hao。
“I simply,Now the family has a task for you to perform,very dangerous,But once it succeeds,Will definitely give you a generous reward,Whoever wants to participate can stand up。”
Everyone is silent,Everyone has heard the wind before,Even if Li Hao didn’t know,I roughly know what the task is,And the hundreds of employees in Lanxi Bay,In fact, more than half of the hands are not bloody,Many of them are eager to try,But most of them are still tangled。
“I can go。”At the moment when everyone is thinking,Yu Zhe stepped out of the team without asking。
“You can not。”Chen Zirong and Li Hao refused in unison,The two know the complete incident,It’s impossible to send Yu Zhe over。
“I am confident that I am more suitable than everyone here,why not。”Yu Zhe’s mood exploded instantly,But he restrained his emotional calm and asked。
Li Hao ignored him,Look at others,Chen Zirong just shook his head at him,Motioned him not to ask anymore。
“Is anyone willing to go。”Li Hao repeated it twice,But everyone was a little frightened by the posture just now,They don’t know what the situation is,So he didn’t dare to move forward rashly。