“good news,Only repaired for an hour and a half,It is now open!”News of Shunzi came in the group chat。

And at this moment,One named“Long hair”Of players quietly logged into the game for the first time,Entered the legion system。
“Long hair”Not someone else,Was removed from the golden rose last nightCTeam youth,He received an even more difficult task to penetrate the enemy,Spying on all useful information。
“online users/Number of Legions/Total cap:4/208/300……”
“The players of the Army of Flowers are not very active……How many people are online?It’s not like a big guild managed by a club……”Long Mao Yingdan has the first layer of doubt。
Prelude-newborn Chapter One Hundred and Twelve Long hair
“Open service15Minutes away,Online only in the legion10personal?”
Doubts about Long Mao Yingdan,Not without reason……
Reverse scale,Just a subordinate of the Golden Lion E-sports Club“Twelve Legions”One of,In terms of ranking strength,Far inferior to real gold、pure gold、Gilt and other legions。
From the name,The target is Phoenix(PHX)“Huofeng Liaoyuan”Subordinate branch“Feng Yu”Legion,Lima(SH)“Eight Horses”One of“Green ears”Youth recruits in front-line clubs such as the Legion。
But even so,The online number of the legion will always be guaranteed,And is mandatory,Players who are not active online will be evacuated by the deputy commanders of the legion。
By contrast,Long hair British short discovery,The management intensity of the Flower and Grass Corps is as natural and unrestrained as the name suggests,And the players in the legion are like the nomads in Taohuayuan,Go online whenever you want,No time limit……
Even the legion announcement only has one sentence:“See the deputy head for something……”
There is absolutely nothing about what legion missions should be completed online……
“So casual?Logically,After the Legion is successfully upgraded,There must be in the legion announcement‘Celebrate the successful promotion of our army toXLegion’Announcement……”
“They are a legion that completes the double jump in one day?Why are players so calm?Do they think,Are these all normal things??”
“and also……Why is the master Luban so powerful in the competition……Level talent6level?and……It’s not a cadre in the army?!Don’t worry if you are not the captain……He’s not even the deputy head?But an ordinary player?!”