Chen Xiu is even more strange now,I looked at Gong Changchun curiously,Wait for him。

“Ou Jianhua and Qin Bodong were former students of Shi Lao,Both of them benefited from the help of Shi Lao,They won’t listen to what Elder Shi said。”
“Thirty years ago,Ou Jianhua defeated Hong Kong Island。”
591 Yuxian
Chen Xiu listened to Qin Bodong’s story with relish,Just listen to him continue:“Just as the days in the mountains increase,The bullets we brought are gradually running out。”
“Lao Ou and I were a little panicked,We have been walking in the mountains for more than ten days,But found that ghosts hit the wall,Those mountains are walking around。I’m afraid I won’t be able to go out for a hundred years。”
“Finally Old Ou came up with an idea。”
“He said that although the compass cannot be used,But the sun will not change its direction every day at sunrise,As long as we follow the sun for a few hours at sunrise every morning, we will not go astray!”
“We all clapped better at the time,We will use this method in the next few days,Just walk one at sunrise every day
592 Ge Hong Zai Xian
“I don’t know who it is!Summer myth and legend,God and Buddha,Not ten thousand have thousands,Plus the various mythological systems in the West,Even more can’t guess!”
Chen Xiu’s heart is a burst of heart and soul,Shook his head and said:“I can’t guess。Who is this old god?”
Qin Bodong stroked his own white beards,When I saw Chen Xiu, I looked at myself eagerly,He said that Chen Xiu’s appetite was suffocated:“Ge Hong!”