It’s true for these people,Wang Teng at this time sees here,Can’t help but shine。

in fact,These people look,It’s really similar to the warriors in the Haw Par Camp。
If you really say,If something is different,Then can only say,These people are compared to the Tiger Leopard Camp,It’s much more burly。
But looking at all this,at this time,Those people in front of me,But never forget to speak to Wang Teng。
“Lord,We are not a tiger camp,We are from Longhuying。”
At this moment,Accompanied by these words before my eyes,But it brought Wang Teng from imagination back to reality。
Wang Teng slowly raised his head to look at him,The more so,Actually Wang Teng’s face,Even more a smile。
“But now look,You seem to be stronger than Hubao Camp。”
Wang Teng finished,These people laughed without talking。
After all something,In fact, it looks like,It’s not easy to explain so much to Wang Teng。
I’m looking at here,at this time,Wang Teng itself,I didn’t think,What’s the problem with this look。
And seeing these places,At this moment,Wang Teng shrugged slightly。