“Well,I want me to believe you can,Help me kill the woods and the Yanyu,I will let Xu Tian give you medicine.。”

Tian Dan always wants to revenge,But she is smart, I want to kill the wood, and the Changgu is also difficult.,She is not a party member now,The idea of my heart is that my father is dead for his mine.,I also tired my mother.,Well,Are you not comrades?,Then please help with the revenge.。
Li Xiaoyu is not surprising to Tian Dan’s requirements.,Ask:“Changgu and wooden shadow are not often looking for you.?”
“Yes,Always come to find Xu Tian,They are like a ghost every day.。”Tian Dan said,
“it is good!I promise you!”
“Then I will wait for this good news.,If you have done it,I do anything for you.!”
Li Xiaoyu returned to the call to meet with the text,Because she wants to have any action, I have to get a seedlings agreed.。
Rui Rui thought that Li Xiaoxiao encountered what problems immediately arrived at the agreed place,After listening to report,Rui Rui pretend to be angry:“Why don’t you ask, I will agree.?”
“What should I do??”Li Xiaoyu is to do something to do,The team of the martial art team is so powerful,It is not difficult to kill two devils.。
“This thing doesn’t have to take you,It’s okay to kill the inner shadow and the Changgu.。”Ritual,
“Miao knife comrades,We have the ability to kill them!”Li Xiaoyu said very confident,
Although the team members of the military team followed the rituitation,But they have five specials with the Song Dynasty, which is definitely not a level.,Urban assassination is quite complex,There are many factors to consider.,Rui Rui can’t take them,So it will definitely not let them take danger.,
“Gorge!This is an order!”
Rui Rui is Li Xiaoyan’s direct superior,She asked her mouth.:“Then we have a message with Senli.?”
“Correct,Your task is to optimize her.,Something waiting for me,Waiting for Hanzhou from Longchi Mansion,You will immediately send two of their father and women.!”
Rui Rui and Li Xiao male went to find Liu Rishi,He is a Xianleis shareholder to see it is also normal.。
“Liu Miss,Let your information you collect??”Cooperate actually does not need her to collect what intelligence,But you have to have this question.,What is the flawless view of the people who have such a special class?。
Willow is very difficult to say:“Mr. Longchi,I really don’t do this.,You will spare me.。”
“That will not?”
“As long as the wood shadow and the long valley appear in the legal concession,You will tell me immediately。”
“I have no problem。”Staring at the small Japanese devil, this live willow is still very happy.。
“very good,Take care of business,It seems that I need to give you a mission.。”
“Mr. Longchi,Is this something to keep confidential??”
“If you let the wood shadow, you know,I think you may not die.,But it will be very miserable。”
Liu Ru shakes and said:“I will not say,I will never say it.。”
Rui Rui went to the car to have a long ready, the photo of the Yogui and Changgu gave Su Wenqian and Tan Lin.,Let them be ready to act at any time,Because Changgu and wooden shadow are often concession alone,It is not difficult to kill them.。
Originally, we want to let Xu Tian’s own hand blade these two devils,But now Li Xiaon has promised Tian Dan.,Then don’t let Xu Tian take risks.。
At night,Rui, Sneak into the Library of Jiren University,Take all the important documents and evidence of this secret contact point of the underground party。
In the morning of the next day,Qi Rui Song Jian and Guo Lanyun bring team to grab the head of Jiren University Library, Sun Zhengqing, and his son, Sun ancestors.,And tell Song Jian’s library location。
“curator,This is the intersection of Fang Hanzhu?”Song Jian asked,
“How can he not say for your daughter?!Go back!Immediately grab it to me,remember,This is a big fish,I want to live!”Rude,
The two teams went out soon, they will catch people back.,Winning a radio station in the library room and some files,These are enough to prove that Sun Zhengqing is the underground party。
Qi Rui personally interrogates Sun Zhengqing,As long as you don’t need to threaten him with his son,Sun Zhengqing is still very determined,Ruiru did not tell him that Sun Zu name was also arrested.。
Give him a medicine before the trial of Sun Zhengqing,This kind of medicine can let him die in the process of being sentenced to sudden death,The purpose is to not let him say secrets.,I don’t want him to be guilty.,Same as Qi Rui,Already played two times,Sun Zhengqing will arouse a burst of heart arrest,Because there is still no doctor in the Longchi Mansion,Waiting for the doctor, people have been dead.。
“stupid!It’s too bad.!”It’s easy to catch a big fish.,I haven’t asked it yet.,Rui Rui must be angry。
“curator,Anger,Isn’t there Sun Zu name?。”Song Jian advised,
“Go to the review.,I don’t have any hope to him.。”Deficiency,