Wang Youcai is walking,While taking a peek at Yao Chunni behind her。He thinks this woman is so pitiful。Her great youth was wasted in Chenzhuang like this,But I haven’t had a good ending。This may be fate。

Wu Wu deserves to be a soldier,The efficiency of this work is really fast。He divided more than 30 people into several classes。More than a dozen brothers who went to Chenzhuang went to eat in advance,People left, So he bought a coffin for Chen Suicong。In addition, I compiled the funeral stuff into a list,Send someone to handle it separately。
Wang Youcai arranged a few words for Wu Wu,Drove his own broken jeep,Bring Yao Chunni back to Chenzhuang ahead of time。
Yao Chunni is this time,Looks very strong。When the car arrives in Chenzhuang,She went to the village chief’s house,Told Aunt Wang about this。Aunt Wang,Immediately went to inform the whole village。This is a big deal,Although Chenzhuang is a small village,But people’s hearts are not bad。
When the car hired by Wu Wu reaches the entrance of Chenzhuang’s village,More than 30 households in Chenzhuang,Whether it’s men, women or children,As long as someone in the family,Almost all dispatched。
Wu Wu brought back more than ten strong young men from the city。Wait for the car to stop,He let people carry Chen Suicong’s coffin,Under the leadership of Wang Youcai,Carried it all the way to Chen Suicong’s house。
Rich and easy。Everything for funerals,Wu Wu is fully procured in Pingdu。So it took almost no time。Chen Suicong’s mourning hall is set up。
In the small courtyard that was a bit lonely,Suddenly there was a gloomy feeling。After all, this little mourning is different,Cast a shadow on people’s hearts。
Afternoon,Yao Chunni let the chefs invited from Baishui Town and all the people who sounded the class be in place。When the lock sounds like crying like weeping,Even people like Wang Youcai felt infinitely sad。
No matter how incompetent you are,In other words, you have the ability。As long as you swallow,Can be considered as extinguished,Look the same,Just a corpse。
Have affairs,You need someone to help。Then someone has to eat,quickly,The chef invited from Baishui Town prepared the stove in the small courtyard。All food,Wu Wu bought a lot of things in the city,So in a short while,The chef got busy。
The few women in the village,Under the leadership of Aunt Wang,Helping the chef wash the dishes and wipe the stove。And others are waiting for the arrival of Yin and Yang。
Rural people are more superstitious。This dead man,First of all, I must invite Mr. Yin Yang to see the place,Second, choose the auspicious day of the burial。
These things,Usually the old people in the village go to work。At five o’clock in the afternoon,An old man about sixty years old,Accompanied by two old people in Chenzhuang, walked into the Chensui Village。
Lao Yinyang first thought about the approximate time of the burial,Then I went out with the two old people to show Chen Sui Cong’s status。Land now,This place can’t be chosen randomly。Because even if you are optimistic about the place,If this place happens to be in someone’s house,Wouldn’t it be necessary to speak to others again。
Not far from the village,Yao Chunni’s house happens to have a piece of land。The old man looked at the surrounding mountains,Then walked in circles with his hands behind his back,He just took out his compass。
This one goes on,The old man smiled and said:“It’s here,The mountain trend is very good,It’s Ju Cai。In the future,Maybe he will be able to make a real talent”
The escort told Yao Chunni about it as soon as he came back,Yao Chunni nodded and agreed。Days are tight,At eight o’clock the next morning。