“President Xia!Drive over,Stopped at the door of the office building”Bai Li shouted loudly to Xia Jian。

Which security guard was dumbfounded for a while,He might never have thought that Bai Li, a gentleman, would have such a hand。When he recovers,Xia Jian’s car has been parked on the side of the office building。
“Ha ha!You guys are really cowhide,This is the parking space of our company boss,Don’t hurry and drive your broken car away”Which security guard suddenly looks like a crazy dog,Rushed up,The car driven by Xia Jian is two feet,But his two feet kicked on the tires,If it kicks on the body,That would be a big trouble。
Xia Jian is also on fire at this time,He jumped out of the car,I caught the collar of the security guard,A little harder,Quick trip,The security guard flew out,Clattered to the ground。
At this time, there are a few employees working,Which cleaners are all around。The security guard lost face at first glance,Get up and run,He ran,Still shouted:“You guys don’t run,Just waiting here”
A young man in his thirties looked at Xia Jian and said:“This boss,Stop standing,Drive away quickly,They came in a while,You are in trouble”
“Humph!I just came to trouble,I don’t believe,Such a big development company,Can still be harmed by a few security guards”Xia Jian was talking,While tidying up the collar that was messed up just now。
Which man glanced at Xia Jian’s luxury car,Smiled slightly:“See the boss is a worthy person,Shouldn’t conflict with this kind of villain,Better avoid it first,Stand in the way for this company”Young man finished,So he left quickly。
at this time,With a mess of footsteps,More than a dozen security guards rushed over in disheveled clothes。Someone’s hat is wrong,Someone’s clothes are not buttoned up。But there is no shortage of rubber rods in each of them。
Which security deputy captain Zhang Donglin is the leader。When this guy rushed to Xia Jian,My face can’t help but change,When his eyes fell on the luxury car behind Xia Jian,This face becomes even more ugly。
“OK!Dare to come to us and beat people,Really defiant,Brothers all give me up,I’ll be responsible if something goes wrong”Zhang Donglin is really a ruthless character,He clearly recognized Xia Jian and Bai Li,But he still pretended not to know,I want to use force to subdue Xia Jian first。
Xia Jian saw what this guy meant,So he shouted:“You all listen to me,You are just security guards here,Have no right to beat people,It’s illegal to do so”
“Don’t listen to him talking nonsense at this moment,Let’s take it down”Zhang Donglin shouted,I rushed up first。Things have reached this point,He’s afraid of being late。
Xia Jian couldn’t bear this guy anymore,He backed back a little,Rushed out in one step。The whole person suddenly rose into the sky,Kick out。
Xia Jian’s hand made everyone dumbfounded,Even Zhang Donglin didn’t respond for a while。When he reacts,Xia Jian has stepped on his shoulder。He takes a few steps,In the end, one couldn’t stand still,Sat on the concrete floor with a plop。
The other security guards were taken aback,When their captain came up, he planted before he even started.,Then they are even more not opponents。
These people you look at me,I look at you,When thinking about who will go first。I saw Xia Jian frustrated,Made a circle on the ground。He swept the fallen leaves,It really swept down a large area。