In the space mezzanine corresponding to the range of the Qianwu universe,There is a vast kingdom of God。

In the vast kingdom of God,Surrounded by countless volcanoes。On a towering volcanic peak,Located in this ancient palace,There are intricate carvings on the walls of the entire palace。
On the throne in the palace hall,A man with red eyes wearing a dark red robe is sitting,There is a faint black flame burning around his body,A pair of eyes seems to look from another space,Palpitations。
And under his head,There is a strong man shrouded in the golden armor,The whole body has faint fluctuations that make people palpitating,At this moment, he has a big smile,But there was a tear in the corner of my eyes:“Haha,God Lord,Look at my disciple,How is it performing。”
“Water,my brother!”The red pupil man’s low and hoarse voice sounded,“Congratulations,Your talent as a disciple,Fully expected to enter the core layer of the virtual universe company。”Congratulations in the tone,But there is a trace of sorrow。。
“God Lord,Although my life is coming to an end,But at least this kid can inherit my secret law,Believe that before I am completely annihilated and fall,I can see my secrets created over hundreds of millions of years unfold again,I can close my eyes and die safely…”The tone of the golden armor man Walter is not as excited as before。
For an immortal god,Suffered irreversible damage on the soul level,Seeing the death of my immortal life,It may be a sad thing second only to being controlled by the soul。
“Water。。。”This flame god can’t say anything。
“I’m tired,Want to go home。”The man in the golden armor sighed,“Before death,I want to see in my hometown。Luo Feng, this little guy,I have learned all my secrets,The rest is the perception of the law。I hope you can give me some advice,Of course I will also point him through the virtual universe。”
Turn around and fly away from this hall。
Flame God Lord sighed,There was an extreme anger and killing intent in the eyes:“Quinrosa。。。”
Original universe,Chaos City,In an ordinary practice residence,Li Ming sat down cross-legged。
Ninety percent of his consciousness is trapped in the comprehension of the law,But there is still a trace of consciousness entering the virtual universe。
Although it shows that the virtual universe company held‘Cosmic genius war·Universe country trials’Is not broadcast。But in fact,With the permissions of members of the Taichu District,Hong、The videos of Thor and Luo Feng are directly transferred to his practice site。