“Damn,We are hungry too,Let’s eat here together,Just can see‘Battle of Glory’Live broadcast!”Feng Xichuan proposed。
“Ok,President, don’t move,Let me go for a meal!”I saw Zhao Ping rush to the window,Swipe your card to order food when there are few people。
In a while,Three people eating the same meal,Sitting side by side at a long table facing the big screen,Although there are people ahead,But everyone consciously emptied the middle of the screen as much as possible,Avoid affecting others to watch。
It’s almost half past eight in the evening,American time is morning,In addition to the big screen in the Mingli restaurant, a bunch of people gathered,There are only some bustling students in other positions,Common concerns of the remaining population,All on the big screen。
“All the audience friends before the live broadcast!Game lovers!I am a senior commentator!”
“Hello everyone!I am your old friend——Narrator Ava!”
“Today I am particularly honored to be with my old partner Ava,Let’s explain the new game that everyone is waiting for‘Battle of Glory’First game,Maybe everyone is like us,All with a curiosity mindset,Just use this exhibition match,Can find out!”Sai Wen said。
“I have heard from insiders a long time ago,Glory Gun2Started closed beta,I didn’t expect to meet you so soon,Just let us see the truth behind the mystery!”Ava says。
“The news just got from the organizer,Today’s game will use‘Battle of Glory’Latest mode——‘Elites’,which is‘1V99’Survival confrontation mode!In other words,Randomly scattered on the map after the game started100Each player will fight each other,Survival of the strong,Weak out。Only the last player surviving is the only winner in the game!”Sai Wen explained。
“I heard it,Battle of Glory‘Elite mode’Is the so-called in other games‘Battle Royale’mode!Under such cruel rules,The perilous arena can be said to be changing rapidly for every player,Not last minute,No one knows the result。”Ava says。
“All right!We see on the screen‘Fool Company’The one hundred officially invited guest players to participate in this exhibition match have been prepared to take their positions in their respective game operation cabins!”
A hundred small rebroadcast pictures appeared in front of the screen,The first shot was given to Xu Tian wearing a black mask,Then Li Xiyou in the Tiger team uniform、Ivanovic with explosive muscles、Combing the airplane head and wearing pinkTAmez·Fez……The camera flashed quickly in front of a hundred players,Among them appeared one tied up a long gray straight hair,Boy wearing exquisite round glasses,He is tall and thin,The appearance is quite resistant……
“This is Team Phoenix(PHX)Vice Captain Gandhi,The strongest in the country‘Ammunition expert’!”Zhao Ping recognized the Gandhi player in the game cabin at a glance。
“Hehe,Shouldn’t Gandhi be introduced as the representative of idol players??but,I heard he has a special orientation……”Feng Xichuan smiled。
“There are a few familiar domestic players behind him,He Chong of Tai Chi Team、The Night Watcher of the Stout Horses,The blue of the golden lion,They are also legendary players in the Glory Gun League,The strength is in the top ten of the national server!”Zhao Ping envied。
“National service players are more serious,Although it’s an exhibition match,But they are all top players,It seems that this game contains a lot of gold,Results can even directly reflect,Major clubs for new games‘Battle of Glory’Project preparation……”Lu Yi analysis。
“Nineteen eight……Seven six five four……”