“You are so careful,I almost forgot about it。How about this!You sit first,I go in and change clothes,This one is wet,Very uncomfortable”Hu Huiru winked at Xia Jian,Stepped into the bathroom。

Hu Huiru left,The waiter who came to clean the room came in。After he cleans the room,Xia Jian walked out of Hu Huiru’s room with the waiter。
Changan is good,But not a place to stay。This is Xia Jian,He is someone who can control himself。This is what makes him different from other men。
Based on Xia Jian’s understanding of Hu Huiru’s temper,As soon as she arrives in the room,If you find Xia Jian is gone,She is angry at best,She would never call。Xia Jian guessed right,His phone really didn’t ring。
From the hotel,He took another taxi to Donglin Building,Then drive in your own car,So he hurried back to his office。
His ass just hit the chair,Guan Tingna walked in。She wrinkled her nose and said:“Drink without driving,Remember this,If you have something,Just call back,Let other people go over to you。Better than you”
“Nothing!Wine at noon,It’s been past four o’clock,Jiu Jin has already passed”Xia Jian smiled,A look of disapproval。
Guan Tingna shook her head helplessly and said:“GZMr. Zhang of has reached out,He is very interested in our bridge project,Said he was very willing to cooperate with us”
“Oh!I’m looking for you to talk about it。I go out today,That’s what I was talking about with Hu Huiru。Construction project of four bridges in Pingdu City,Hu Huiru’s Dongsheng Group also wants to bid”Xia Jian said,I couldn’t help but breathe out。
Guan Tingna listened,Frowned and said:“Dongsheng Group is a well-known enterprise in the province,Their original influence in Pingdu is good。If they come to bid,We really don’t have much chance of winning”
“I am worried about this。Don’t be too busy,When the time comes, the bamboo basket will be empty,Isn’t this angry?”Xia Jian said,I looked at Guan Tingna a little helplessly。
Guan Tingna had no idea,She kept walking around Xia Jian’s office。
suddenly,Xia Jian thought about what Hu Huiru said before being scalded,So he said to Guan Tingna:“Hu Huiru proposed,Want to work with us”
“I work with us?How a cooperative law?”Guan Tingna asked in surprise。