In this early morning,Can Bomei smile,For Qin Feng,It’s also a great relief。

“Is there only this bowl?,Why don’t you eat?”The affection Qin Feng said,Touched by Jiang Yan,It seems that a harmonious day begins this morning。
“amount,I’m not hungry,Just watch you eat。”If it wasn’t for watching Jiang Yan eat so delicious,,Maybe Qin Feng really won’t feel hungry,But now I can only let the saliva flood in my mouth。
“OK then,correct,Next time you give me water,Remember to put a whole cup。”Jiang Yan was talking while eating。
“Last night’s water,Not enough to drink?”Qin Feng ashamed,I just took a sip,Obviously there is more than half a cup,This little Nizi can drink too much, right!
“Yes,In the morning,I didn’t even have fun,There is no more,Only half a cup。”Jiang Yan is in a good mood today,Seems very interested and Qin Feng,Chat like a young couple。
“I knew I would stop drinking!”Qin Feng whispered,But Jiang Yan still heard it。
“what?You mean you drank the water?”Jiang Yan put down the noodles in her hand,Some are asking Qin Fengxing about sin。
“Yes,I thought you could not finish drinking,I just took a sip
。”Seeing Jiang Yan making a fuss,Qin Feng said calmly。
“You use,My cup……”Jiang Yan thought of using her own cup when she first met Qin Feng,I was so angry at the time,And now this happens again。
But let’s talk,Jiang Yan didn’t have that angry feeling at the time。
But more of an indescribable sense of shyness。
“Wife,We are husband and wife,Are you so clear with me?Moreover,I even tasted the noodles you ate,I snapped some of it。”Qin Feng watched Jiang Yan eat the last bite of noodles,Said proudly。