[Best time in Sheung Wan]

[Best time in Sheung Wan]

Sheung Wan is mainly a method of contraception commonly used by women. At the same time, some birth control rings are placed in the woman’s palace for some contraceptive measures. Therefore, it is also common in daily life.It is within three to seven days of clean menstruation, when the endometrium is thin, some minor injuries caused by the upper ring and the upper ring can be carried out. It can not be replaced easily after repairing its own uterine opening.

Before you want to avoid the infection, try to avoid intercourse. When an accidental pregnancy or abortion occurs, pregnant women who can enter the ring immediately after the abortion can easily reduce their psychological burden or the postpartum period.The forty-two days were placed a few days after the postpartum examination.

1. Under normal circumstances, the latest period of women’s upper ring should be 3-7 hours after menstruation is clean. At this time, the endometrium is thin and is in the period of transmission. The minor injuries caused by the upper ring can be repaired quickly.

In addition, the Miyaguchi is tight at this time, and it is not easy to replace it after putting it.

To avoid infection, it is not advisable to share the same room within one week before Sheung Wan.

2. If there is a need for abortion during an unexpected pregnancy, you can go to the ring immediately after the abortion.

At this time, the flow of people was carried out in Sheung Wan once, which not only facilitated women, but also reduced their psychological burden.

3. If it is delivered, it can be placed during postnatal examination 42 days after delivery.

Because at this time, the uterus has basically returned to its normal size before pregnancy, and the cervix is loose and easy to ring.

At the same time, sexual life has not been restored after delivery, and dark pregnancy can be ruled out. ”

4. If cesarean section is adopted for delivery, then it can be added during cesarean section.

At this time, the ring can be placed in the best position of the uterus, and it does not increase the patient’s pain and thought burden, and can avoid dark pregnancy after delivery. ”

In addition, during the cesarean section, the upper ring operation does not pass through the vagina, and the sterilization operation of the cesarean section itself is strict, so no infection will occur.

The above is the best time for Sheung Wan. It should be placed a few days after the postpartum examination at 42 days after delivery.

Because the uterus has returned to normal at this time, if the caesarean section is used for the delivery method, it is the best position and the best time to grasp the upper ring at this time.