Women have wonderful life with close friends

Women have wonderful life with close friends

Girlfriend A, the most accustomed to being single, always wanted to sell me very actively.

Although every time I pass off the prince-like character in her mouth, or perfunctoryly perfunctory, nothing will be left.

But the woman was still tireless and tireless, until I finally bid farewell to being single.

  Girlfriend B is my life mentor and emotional consultant.

You don’t need to consult any questions, you can come up with a basket of “come over” teachings, and they are unreasonable, and you don’t want to let go if you don’t say thoroughness.

This woman is especially caring and often considers herself as an elder sister.

  Girlfriend C, maverick, knows astrology and numerology, knows tarot cards, and if she is confused, she can consult her to recover the depth of the soul, analyze her own reasons, understand the emotional code, and release congestion and depression.

  Girlfriend D, I like to share my emotional privacy with me. I am used to talking when I am sad, and when I cross the road, I will analyze it. When I feel happy, I will share it with me.

Reading this woman is like reading a Joan novel.

  Girlfriend E, who is very reliable at present, has recently been studying financial management and has been able to study it day by day and get the best results.

This woman is very good for my moonlight plan, and finally she can grow old.

So he called and taught for an hour, first criticizing, then guiding, and then supplementing consultation.

Hanging up the phone, the ears are like a breeze, and the money is bright.

  Girlfriend F, a beautiful girl, a flower-dropper is independent. She works in a well-known fashion magazine. She has accumulated a lot of beauty knowledge. After knowing that the girl’s skin is replaced by dry skin, she immediately gives an applicable beauty code, which can be described as a beauty book.

  The so-called close friends, that is, close friends, are beautiful and lovely, and there is no substitute.