Month: November 2021

“Meow ~!”The cat monster makes a scream,Li Ming。

Although the fat is comparable to the fat tiger in the zoo,But agility is no less than a cheetah。If it is an ordinary person,I’m afraid I can only see a yellow streamer But Li Ming didn’t move,When the strange cat approaches,Turn your right hand into a knife,Hand knife,Hit the head of the strange cat。 “boom!”It’s

“I can rely on you behind you.,Like shadow chasing light dream tour。”

“I can wait at this intersection.,Will you pass” …… The Bedroom of the Governor of the Puchacheng Governor,Zheng Minmin will be the head of Gao Bao in his chest,While being aimless to touch his face,Sing a song while singing。 That sound is like a female ghost knock,Take a sharp penetration,Let each of the goddess sergeants

And the occasion is so formal,Naturally don’t call what“Chu Da Ge”。

“I can’t think of the death of the teacher.!This appreciates a good penalty,Really evil!”Chu Deee is not a lot,Dare to condemn the people of the two。 “I am coming to the extinction.!”Chu Deirers are officially,Holding hands。 Song Qingshu、Zhang Wuji, etc.,It’s even better to worship the extinction.。 Chu Deiren is naturally just a bow.,Insert a fragrance,Chu

Escape,The fierce light skyrocket,Step step out is pursuing,Suddenly stiffly,Claw,Pierce the palm of the palm。

“Hear!” He lows,Turning the target toward Liao Jie Chong。 “Golden speed,Covering my body。” Red copper,The uncle raises hand, the Yinyang Baoyu is stacked in the money sword.,Thirty-six copper money spread,Safety,Have yourself and Liao Jie in the middle。 Bamboo! Red copper swing impact,Half air touch invisible angle,Golden lightwatch,The whole body is like a gun,Solve flying,Draw a

“This seems to be a young dragon。”Lu Wenye whispered。

“how is this possible,The young dragon is brave,At most, he can deal with a lizard water monster that has been cultivated for three to four hundred years.。”Chen Bai said。 “Yep,It is the young dragon I will try this time。”Zhu Minglang responded。 “You are young dragon,I drank your foot wash tonight。”Chen Bai still doesn’t believe it。

In fact, conditions have been given in the village。One is that this land is transferred to the village,The village cooperative gave their family money。Compensation for one mu of land 36,000。This is four acres of land,Can make up 120,000。This is also a big number。

The second way is on the ground of their home,Build a farmhouse from the village。And run by their family,Their family must pay the rent of the house every year。 Song Fang for this,After thinking for a long time, I can’t make up my mind。Unexpectedly, Wang Degui asked Haodai about this,It seems that he knows something。

Since I have enough certainty,Then leave the Yanlong realm,The chasing down of Scarlet City Lord will also be on the agenda。

“But before that,We still have to deal with the masters of Yanlong Realm first‘Talk about’,Since my strength has changed,That should get the corresponding status!” Before the breakthrough,Even if Li Ming asks himself no less than any ruler,Comparable lack of durability of own battle,And there is no other master in the Three Realm Palace,Didn’t let the

“So not too low,Do it now。”

“Wait,Fellow Daoist, did you feel an unusual breath??” “Abnormal breath?” “Not bad,This breath does not come from‘Perish’,To a bit like Li Xiucheng。” “Is this not normal?what,wrong,Are you saying that Li Xiucheng is still alive?” “Not clear。”Sombra shook his head slowly,“Since it is a retreat,Should contain all the breath of spiritual consciousness,How can it be so