Month: September 2021

“The old is just a small step forward from the material of the box,This box is made of Chaos Stone,The nameplate is condensed by the combination of god gold and chaos,The end is generous、Powerful work,Guess the nameplate is the only way to open the box。”

“What do you want to open these boxes?” “Feiye!”Dayan shook his head into a rattle,“The old man is the guardian,Never open these boxes without authorization,I said before,I just want to prove my guess。” “Then,What do I have to do with this nameplate?” “Uh……”Dayan tilted his head and looked at Li Tianzhi,Talk and stop,Want to stop

Time goes by。

Only the fifth day,The highest grade【Golden Jade Fire】Has reached the level of first-grade earth fire,Later, Li Ming took out a dull stone from the storage space,Control a scroll of golden jade fire,Grind the stones。 This stone,Is a precious material—Baidi Stone。 Baidi,Jindi,It is a kind of metallic treasure,The power of nature with metallicity inside。 【Golden Jade

The wolf king’s pain is a crazy run,See the rock、The trunk the size of the body hits it,Chen Xiu bumps on his back,But the legs are stuck tightly and won’t let go。

The wolf king roared,Sex up,Leaped in place for more than ten meters,Turn over and press down。 “Fucking,So I won’t fall to death,Also crushed by it!” Chen Xiu jumped out and landed on the ground,The wolf king sees his back touch the ground,Waist swing,Limbs are on the ground,But retreat from Chen Xiu only three、Four meters。 “Wailing!”

Liu Yibai, who had already cut down the branches on the other side、Li Tianzhang, they were scared and fell to the ground。

Chen Xiu also has lingering fears,Fortunately, I ran ahead,Those weird fish are coming soon,If the strange fish came earlier,I became the food of the strange fish。 “Come here!” of course,At this time, Chen Xiu did not forget Liu Yibai across the river.、Li Tianzhang and others,I stretched out my middle finger and compared it to everyone,Shouted:“You

He knows that Scishuzz is a word.,But I didn’t expect the other side to say this.,I feel no one shouts,This goods can say that。

Suddenly,Red Wine Show,Newcomers are not words,He is just in the delay time, etc.。 “Since you understand the piano wine,Then you must always listen to him mentioned me.,You think you can live from me.?”Red Yok Shiyi,The muzzle is aimed at Liao Wenjie half a head,Looking for a fatal best opportunity。 “I know you are very powerful.,but……”

First245chapter Princess

…… Five and a half million gold,In some countries, the annual tax revenue may not reach this figure,And in Miaoguo just for a game to please the powerful。 Subsequent bid,Have not reached this number。 Zhu Minglang has become the son-in-law of this year。 Although Zhu Minglang also knows that this is inseparable from his identity,But

The footsteps fade away,Suddenly the tree pole shook,A scent is coming,Xia Jian turned around,Dragon Ball has sat on the branch next to him。

She stretched out her hand naughty,Hugged Xia Jian,Softness of a woman’s body,Plus the scent from her,Xia Jian almost fainted,If not for a task tonight,Sitting on a branch with such a beautiful woman and watching the stars,That’s such a romantic thing。 “President Xia!How to do?Are we following,Take them down at the construction site,There are only two