Month: August 2021

Wang Degui stared at Xia Jian for a while and said:“You better stop talking nonsense,If it affects the life of the villagers,I will call the police and say you spread rumors”

Xia Jian glanced at Wang Degui,No more words,But to urge Chen Erniu and the others to work hard。If Wang Degui’s collapsed house is not cleaned out,,There will be another heavy rain in the middle of the night。Water can’t flow out of the gate,The other buildings will be in danger。 Ouyang Hong quietly walked to Xia

Wang Youcai slumped his head back to the small clinic。Doctor Lu is giving a patient’s pulse,He looked up at Wang Youcai and said nothing。

He Jing glanced at Wang Youcai and smiled:“Boss Wang was too tired last night,Why do you look listless?” There is something in He Jing’s words,Wang Youcai can’t tell。He just smiled and said:“Drank too much,Your imagination is a bit rich” What Wang Youcai said,He Jing knows well,She laughed first herself。Provoke a few people who came to

“You are so careful,I almost forgot about it。How about this!You sit first,I go in and change clothes,This one is wet,Very uncomfortable”Hu Huiru winked at Xia Jian,Stepped into the bathroom。

Hu Huiru left,The waiter who came to clean the room came in。After he cleans the room,Xia Jian walked out of Hu Huiru’s room with the waiter。 Changan is good,But not a place to stay。This is Xia Jian,He is someone who can control himself。This is what makes him different from other men。 Based on Xia Jian’s

“All right,Don’t talk about it yet。”

“Now that I have thought of how to solve it,Our primary purpose,Just to let Wang Teng know,Offend us,what exactly is it!” slowly,When Zhao Sikang saw this,There was even a hint of murder in his eyes。 And by Zhao Sikang’s side,Others see here,Nodded again and again。 Such a thing,Actually they have seen。 As for the next,What

I attached to his ear and said:“Uncle,My uncle!Forgive and forgive,Let me go,There must be a reward in the future。The car is full of daily necessities,Nothing else,Just to earn some pocket money to honor you!”I looked at him with tears in my eyes,Like a begging dog。

Everyone has compassion。He waved his hand and let me go,Put it like a fart,Very easy。His gentle wave of his sleeve is a great grace to me。I read in my heart,There are still many good people。 I thought the uncle moved a compassionate heart,I don’t know that his compassion is no match for a pack of

“Of course,Anyway, I’ve already said that?”

“Since I already said that,Then do it next,Isn’t it obvious?” It’s here,Following Wang Teng’s words。 obviously,Actually Wang Teng himself,I didn’t feel it at all,Such a scene,What effect will it have。 And Wang Teng,It’s as if they have eaten two families。 “Let them come,Anyway, just continue to toss it down。” “As for what it will become

“I’m busy!”

Fang Yu finished,Hung up。 “Miss car seller is calling?” Jiang Wan’er looked at Fang Yu,Asked with a smile。 “Miss Jiang,You really want to follow me?”Fang Yu asked。 “of course it’s true……It’s impossible,You have unspeakable secrets?” Jiang Waner doubted。 Fang Yu shook his head,Then let Hu Yili send someone to pick herself up。 Although Hu Yili

He saw his two disciples,Now the big disciple has stepped into the real fairy,Eighteen half-walk ancestors’ clones,Now well-known in the Three Realms,Although the realm is still low,But relying on mana and spiritual treasure,Once fought with the bull devil,Defeat it。

He also saw several friends he knew,Now the other party has also survived the Tribulation。 And the old friends born together in the chaos,Also see clearly。The two Sanqing and Suiren even have a sense of Li Ming’s mental strength。 And in the end,Li Mingzai‘Way of Heaven’Among,See a dark power entrenched。 “Lord of the Demon??”Li Ming’s

If you really want to be a holy place,The human race is much more certain。

but,He won’t give up。 after all,He is the two multi-reincarnation eras across the universe,The first Allah who leads God’s eyes to the peak! That very weak God Eye Race,Scenes of struggling to survive under the oppression of the evil skeleton,Recall in his mind。 “I was able to fight against oppression with God Eyes,Bring the God

Kuang’s laughter gradually became deep。

Then stopped,Because he feels something wrong instinctively。 “It’s almost as I guessed!but,If you can take yourself first,Analyze the Tao of the Sith,Into the origin of the Tao of our universe,Even good for our universe,Isn’t it?” “who is it?!”The memory of the suspicion of the Sith tribe looks back,But I saw a figure appear behind me。