Month: June 2021

Want to be here,Su Xuehen was finally ashamed,With faint and inaudible movements,Nodded gently,I officially agreed。

She has no reason to refuse this sincerity,Besides, isn’t she running for love。 Looking at Lu Menglin with a serious face,The girl doesn’t know the softest place in her heart,Already unconsciously,Was gently touched。 “Let’s eat!I’m hungry!”Su Xuehen changed the subject,Smiled。 “OK!I’m hungry too!But wait a moment。Don’t move!”Lu Menglin said with a smile。 Su Xuehen was

Red beard straightened up extremely awkwardly,Face green,Not say a word。

He is annoyed!But nowhere to vent。 Not because he is weak,But he has no help,Among the people from the Red Beard,No one can participate in this level of battle,And several other gang leaders will not help him at this time,People have cooperation,So he only suffers。 “Anyone else to introduce yourself??Hurry up!”Lu Menglin shrugged,Said blankly。 There

You superficial men who only know how to look at their faces,Know what?

****** Off work,Yangliu walked to the subway station with a big bag,Huo Yunhe drove behind her,Look carefully at this unique girl。 Sky blue short sleeve t-shirt,White sanded denim shorts,A pair of white hand-drawn sneakers under straight legs,A meticulous bun becomes a high-hanging ponytail,Flick and flick with youthful messages,Take off the stodgy professional outfit,Immediately became a

“I know this sounds a bit incomprehensible,But I don’t know if you noticed one detail?”Face the host’s surprised expression,Li Gen said:“Qualification always,That Soviet mysterious plane never turned on the fire control radar to the Norwegian Air Force602Aircraft irradiation,And as far as i know,Since the iron curtain fell to the previous few years,When Soviet fighters encountered similar situations,They like to turn on the fighter’s fire control radar to illuminate the opponent’s aircraft,To intimidate each other……”

Speaking of which,Li Gen faces the camera,Explained to the people eating melons in front of the TV:“I know that many people in front of the TV are not very clear about the basic process of a fighter jet launching a missile to hit the enemy,Here I explain to everyone,If a fighter wants to shoot down

“Of course,That’s a good thing。You can get outside

The invitation of famous universities in the country is a manifestation of strength。” “Ok.” After Qin Feng hung up the phone, there was a lot of emotion。The content of Wang Mengmeng’s call is very simple,That is, there is an exchange student quota in Dongseong University。 I don’t know why it fell on Wang Mengmeng’s place。of

Took a long breath,After the pain,Look at my arm,No signs of scars。

Pain is hard,But compared to the result,Han Yuxiang thinks all this is worth it。 “very useful!Do you want to try?” Watching myself,Han Yuxiang said excitedly to Xing Tao。 “I am a big man,It’s okay to have a scar on my body!” Xing Tao waved his hand and smiled。 “Mr. Xiang cares about you!This ointment


Countless crazy thoughts are desperately biting Cha Zaixun’s heart,He dare not look at everyone’s eyes,Because he thinks everyone is laughing at him,Laugh at him for being a fool。 “Catch them!They attacked me!Are you blind?Clear these Chinese people into prison!”Cha Zhengxun finally broke out,Shouted desperately。 but,No one responded to him,Everyone looked at him sympathetically。 Because the


Chapter One Two Hundred and Thirty One Family power Hu Lin was also taken aback,She never expected,My strength has improved so fast,You can clean up these mercenaries with bare hands。 Lu Menglin watched quietly,I didn’t mean to intervene at all。 The horror in the hearts of those mercenaries,Much stronger than Hu Lin。 Who can think

Now listen to me clearly in front of all of you,Su Ran received a certain punishment today,I hope you can keep it in your mind。

Don’t be dissatisfied with Su Ran and Shen Lin,Understand?” Everyone underneath said in unison:“Yes,boss。” Everyone still respects Xiao Fan from the bottom of their hearts,Because Xiao Fan is the highest ruler,Shen Lin is the boss and backbone of their new base,But they all knew that Shen Lin absolutely obeyed Xiao Fan’s orders。 So they don’t