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The Korean words in Xiang only have a beginning,What to say later,She doesn’t know anymore。

“I have grown up!” Xiang Chen’s words instantly resolved Han Yuxiang’s embarrassment,Chuckled。 “I made a mess at the scene,Your report may be a bit cumbersome!” After adjusting the atmosphere,Xiang Chen confessed the problem he was about to face。 “I thought you were not afraid!” “I’m afraid of causing trouble to Police Officer Han!” “I have

TonyFeng blows up the pores all over,The whole person is like a cat with its tail trampled on,All of a sudden the whole body is tight。

this moment,He finally touched the reality of the opponent。 Like an enemy,This is a rival! “So you only have this level?Actually dare to challenge Chinese Kung Fu,I really don’t know how to live or die!”The man in the windbreaker smiled。 TonyDignified front,The light flashes in the eyes,Sudden force under the feet,The whole person turned into

Tu Shanming was also taken aback,But his thinking is different from ordinary people,Rather unhappy,I think Wu Hao is showing up,Earned enough eyeballs,Robbed him of the limelight。

At this moment,Zhong Yefu and Long Zhanye also recognized,This young man with a mean smile,It was the guy who killed them for a long time in the Scarlet Moon Canyon。 “meet again!Okay everyone?”Lu Menglin smiled and arched his hands at both sides,Smiled。 Zhong Yeo squinted,Extremely sharp eyes,As if wanting to see this person through,See through。

In the end, GEODIS, who was very kind and difficult, made a request to United Airlines.,I hope that United Airlines can send him and Xu Jiahao to Bangkok, Thailand as quickly as possible。

From Singapore to Bangkok, Thailand is only1400More than kilometer distance,This is naturally not a difficult task for United Airlines, which has operations all over the world.。 The airport of the flight immediately asks United Airlines headquarters for instructions,After getting permission from the headquarters,Wait for all passengers to disembark,The plane is refueled,The captain personally set up

Then he looked at the people around him,His friends are all around him,Also his lover,He thinks that human beings have to guard the things they love throughout their lives,Something of value,So you will have no regrets in your life。

Just then Xiao Nian Gao looked at Xiao Fan,The moment when two people looked at each other,Xiao Fan seems to see something different in the eyes of the little rice cake,At that moment, he felt that Xiaonian Gao would be a promising person in the future。 Moreover, the sincere look in his eyes made Xiao

Chen Wenjin just locked the door,Hui held her body and said:“So cold。I heard that Abao rented a house here,Have you?”

“Go see?”Chen Wenjin understands,Hui really didn’t plan to stay on the roof。 “Hurrah,Do you want to buy something to eat?” “A lot in the house。”Chen Wenjin led Hui down again,The house they rent is not in this one,But closer to Hui’s school。 Hui said:“Do you want to tell Abao,Say we are in the house?” “OK,Let

According to Chen Geng’sH6-4Requirements,The belly bomb bay should hold one that can be loaded6Rotating pylon,There should be at least4Hanging point,The hanging point on the inside close to the fuselage must be able to withstand the maximum5Ton weight,The rest of the hanging points have to bear2.5to3Ton weight,If the inside rack is made into a two-in-one rack, it can be hung theoretically10Pieces,Count in the belly6Pieces,That is the total16Long-range cruise missile。

Although this is only a theoretical number,It is still unknown whether it will be able to hang so many by then,But it can’t be lower than10Pieces,Even with10Count,Although there is still no way to communicate with the AmericansB-52HCompared to,But with every bomber regiment equipped18to24frameH6-4To calculate,One time out,At least you can carry180To240A long-range cruise missile launched a

“Ha ha,What is the most important thing in this village??”Qin Feng looked at Lin Qianqian and asked,Seems to want to remind each other。

(End of this chapter) ———— Chapter Ninety Two Detrimental to others “vegetables。”Lin Qianqian said without thinking:“Does this have anything to do with you??” “No,But I always think,Can our vegetables really be maintained??If there is no way to maintain,What kind of situation will it become??” Qin Feng’s smile is very sincere,But Lin Qianqian already has a