Month: January 2001

Anhui: Ask "Technology" in Ganliangtan Mancang

Xinhua News Agency, Hefei, May 31: Anhui: Ask "Technical" Jiang Gang, Shui Jinchen, and Cao Li, a reporter from Xinhua News Agency in Ganbaotu Manchuang, and Cao Li. The storage machine shuttled between the platform. "Seeds have become grain, which contains a number of absolute‘ skills ’!” Said Qi Shizhang, a second -level researcher at

“Ah……”Yafu can’t help but low shout,Eye beads。

She doesn’t understand,Summer can be more concealed,Why do you want to go out?。 Summer laughing,Immediately,“Have seen the main owner。” Fangtai is his deliberate。 Secret of the cloud,You can take others,But it can’t hide Ningrong this one。 otherwise,A lot of ideas can’t be realized。 “Summer you……”Ningrong is somewhat unexpected。 Summer road,“Endowment,I have a secret treasure,Naiyou

Social face prevention and control partition dynamic implementation

On the 31st, during the peak traffic peak of Beijing International Trade Bridge, the flow of people continued to flow. Many working people chose bus, subway, cycling and other methods to travel green. This reporter Liu Ping is currently undergoing social prevention and control measures in Beijing. At the press conference on the 31st, Changping

It’s a key title.,Can not be inside。

“It is Kay for a hand,Or, he is not familiar with this information.?”Han Jiang thought。 After deep into the factory,The killer encountered by the three people,They are all warriors of the fire moth before it。 “I didn’t expect such a strict underground factory.,All such seriously,Will this era still have a living??”Some questions from the wings

Dedicate youth in the land of Guizhou

"Find more mines for the motherland, big mine, and rich ore. "For 40 years, Zhou Qi, director of the Ministry of Mineral Resources Exploration Engineering Technology Innovation Center of the Ministry of Geological Survey of Guizhou Province, led the team to solve the major scientific issues faced by the manganese ore geology of manganese ore

High-rise hands around Gao Baoyi’s neck。

“His Majesty in Yucheng,I am in the city。But now there is no way to retreat。” Gao Yu is not a fool,I naturally understand that the situation of the situation in Yucheng is calm,In fact, the storm that is highly poisoned,just began! “correct,Let the highway,What do you think?,How can this be?” Gao Yu remembered that he

More than 50,000 organic eggs more than 6,000 kilograms of vegetables Handan successfully completed the task of Olympic Agricultural Olympics

People’s Network Shijiazhuang, April 3 (Yang Wenjuan) A few days ago, I walked into the farm of Enterprise Ecological Breeding Co., Ltd., Yongnian District, Yongnian District, Handan City, Hebei Province. Visits: ventilation, drinking water, feeding, cooling, lighting, and laying eggs, all of which have been mechanized and automated. "Our chickens here are organic grain and


Doctor Qiu was shocked。 Fang Yu this speed,It’s too fast。 “Yes!” Fang Yu replied。 “understood……Doctor Fang, what can you do with me??I have to visit the house later!”Doctor Qiu asked。 “I want to ask,Do you know where there are places to sell rare medicinal materials?” Fang Yu continued。 “This one……I give you an address。You can