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“I can rely on you behind you.,Like shadow chasing light dream tour。”

“I can wait at this intersection.,Will you pass” …… The Bedroom of the Governor of the Puchacheng Governor,Zheng Minmin will be the head of Gao Bao in his chest,While being aimless to touch his face,Sing a song while singing。 That sound is like a female ghost knock,Take a sharp penetration,Let each of the goddess sergeants

Immediately made this call,On the phone,The person in charge is very enthusiastic,And immediately promised to send the demolition money for Huang Xiaoding’s house tomorrow。

According to him,The reason why I didn’t set aside the money before,Because of conflict in their family。 Now this conflict is resolved,So I will set aside the money immediately,And let Qin Hao put a hundred hearts in his stomach。 Qin Hao only smiled after listening,He knows the truth in it,So I don’t know。 This is

“Gold Princess Shen Ke?Gao Biyi please?”

Yuxian opens wooden box,Looking for a so-called letters overlooking,Sales for a long time,This book is,Nothing else。 “Strange,Gao Boyi is such a negligent person??Don’t he do not use the reaction??” Yushen is still afraid。 In his impression,Gao Biyi should write a letter with yourself,Said his big brother,How guess to him?,This war is no matter,After the return,He

“World Tree clone sits in the Kingdom of God,Human deity【Infinite Palace】,Can’t walk easily。”

“Either,Let the avatar of the demon killer disguise itself as the avatar of the river spirit,Secretly let He Ling clone to experience the chance?Not good,A hundredfold genetic level,Too weak,Once the fight breaks out,Even if the secret method is powerful,Also easily defeated,Because the weakness is too big。” Li Ming shook his head,Infinite Hall of Human Deity

“When you patrol your night?,These people who have an attempt to climb into the city。Human understanding,I found that they were the scouts of Liang Shi Yan,other things,They know not much。”

The face of Han Yuhu is extremely calm,These words seem to have a good release of the abdomen.。 “okay,Continue to patrol,Be vigilant。I am defeated in Heyang.,You can come to me at any time.。” Didn’t sleep overnight,Solites tired to hook hands with Han Zihu,Said to turn and left。 “correct,These bodies converge,Those heads in the city are

And that seems not aggressive,The power of the milky soul seems to turn into an extremely perfect‘round’,Directly shrouded in Wright’s soul sea。Seemingly innocent,But in fact, the power of the milky soul contains endless murder and destruction,Directly penetrate the soul defense master artifact that is already full of cracks。

“broken!”Wright’s Sea of Souls,And his consciousness is absolutely synchronized,Face this terrible attack,Wright’s soul will burst out instantly。 Light gray fusion of the power of the main god,According to the rules of the Dzogchen Dzogchen, it forms a defense method that looks like an endless ocean.,And in the middle of this gray ocean,A golden lotus blooming,Command

After they go to the scene,There is already a police view at the scene.。

Ou Jingxi has already called to determine,Lu Haocheng did not go to the Beihai market。 He also knows the police of Beihai City,After all, Lu Hao Cheng’s relationship network is very powerful.,It is also taking care of it.。 “Depression,How’s it going?” Ou Jing, the first to rush,Rapidly。 Ning Feifei pushes Blue Xin,Blue Xin is nervous

“He Cheng!What do you want to do?Your uncle got in trouble yesterday and hasn’t come out,Do you want to accompany him?”Lu Hao shouted at this person。

Xia Jianyi understood it,So this young man turned out to be He Xiaoxi’s nephew。This is obviously a bit of trouble and revenge。 He Cheng laughed and said:“Lu Hao!Are you worthy of being the village head??No legal knowledge。I said a few words to go in?Is there still freedom of speech??” Xia Jian saw that He Cheng

The footsteps fade away,Suddenly the tree pole shook,A scent is coming,Xia Jian turned around,Dragon Ball has sat on the branch next to him。

She stretched out her hand naughty,Hugged Xia Jian,Softness of a woman’s body,Plus the scent from her,Xia Jian almost fainted,If not for a task tonight,Sitting on a branch with such a beautiful woman and watching the stars,That’s such a romantic thing。 “President Xia!How to do?Are we following,Take them down at the construction site,There are only two