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The footsteps fade away,Suddenly the tree pole shook,A scent is coming,Xia Jian turned around,Dragon Ball has sat on the branch next to him。

She stretched out her hand naughty,Hugged Xia Jian,Softness of a woman’s body,Plus the scent from her,Xia Jian almost fainted,If not for a task tonight,Sitting on a branch with such a beautiful woman and watching the stars,That’s such a romantic thing。 “President Xia!How to do?Are we following,Take them down at the construction site,There are only two

“If the heart is infinite,Nature can contain everything,All-inclusive。。。”

“Neijiaquan is really wonderful,Beyond‘Harmony of Man and Nature’Above,Is‘field’realm,Can manipulate the light of the surrounding world。” Once the world’s top killer,Walking alone now‘flood’With a smile on his stern face。 “‘Thor’,I’m afraid you are no longer my opponent!But wait,Let’s meet him after killing a few monsters。。。And the one from Hua Guo‘Sword fairy’,Can actually control object attacks in

in fact,Such a thing,Wang Teng itself,I don’t feel that there is a big problem at all。

Even for Wang Teng,This thing gives people a very tricky feeling。 slowly,Seeing these,In this situation,Wang Teng felt the more he wanted to,these questions,In fact, it was very touching。 And seeing these,At this moment,Wang Teng saw Zhao Yingjie running over excitedly。 “Chairman,You finally came back。” When I saw Zhao Yingjie,Wang Teng is a little curious。 “what

“Ma Yan!You go back and clean up,Say hello to family members by the way,You accompany me tomorrowYN,Probably a few days”Xia Jian finished,Sat on the sofa,Don’t even look at Zhao Hong。

Ma Yan heard Xia Jian say this,A little excited:“Good village head,I’ll go home and clean up” “sit down!Are you so worried??Just goYNIs it?Feel like going abroad。Let’s talk about two pieces of clothes,Have to run back so early?Finish your work first,Get off work normally!”Zhao Hong is unhappy,Said coldly。 Ma Yan had to sit back honestly,Started to

“Lin Zong!Don’t talk nonsense,He is the boyfriend I have known for two years”Yao Junli responded quickly,Two sentences blocked the words of the beard。

The other people laughed,Seems to be laughing at Beard’s recklessness。Only the woman sitting on the top did not laugh,She looked at Yao Junli again and said:“President Yao,Since I brought my boyfriend,Just introduce to everyone,Let these men who are thinking about you die hard” “Good boss!He is my boyfriend Xia Dong,Summer summer,Winter in winter”Yao Junli seems

After all, I haven’t touched with Li.,She has always thought that the other party is a wooden person.,Then honest,timid,Be bullied,There is a sense of justice。

But after contact,Just discovered,The other party is completely different from him.,It is so humorous。 Thinking of Sun Yarru got rid of her things,Looking at Sun Yaru to show her to show the poor eyes,Gao Shihui does not make a decision。 “It turns out that you really want to go.,When did you walk?” “Forehead,If you get

she was:This,This.。that,That uncle,where are you?Come and think of a solution together,At least light a lamp or something,How to fight this black lamp?

Listen to her scared voice,I haven’t had time to laugh for three seconds,Uncle,Who is your uncle?! I was about to scare her again,A deep and truly roaring sound in the darkness echoed throughout the hall:what~what~what。 I scared the baby to death! Suddenly the whole hall was lit up,The wall lamp on the wall was lit

I attached to his ear and said:“Uncle,My uncle!Forgive and forgive,Let me go,There must be a reward in the future。The car is full of daily necessities,Nothing else,Just to earn some pocket money to honor you!”I looked at him with tears in my eyes,Like a begging dog。

Everyone has compassion。He waved his hand and let me go,Put it like a fart,Very easy。His gentle wave of his sleeve is a great grace to me。I read in my heart,There are still many good people。 I thought the uncle moved a compassionate heart,I don’t know that his compassion is no match for a pack of

Wu Yuanjia looked at the young man’s left palm in disbelief,I saw that although his hand was blown to black in the explosion,But it didn’t hurt the slightest,No scratches at all。

Young man looking at his black palm,Sullen face:”I wanted to play with you slowly,Now you are eager to die,I’ll give you a ride!” Young people’s five fingers increase,Wu Yuanjia was out of breath,Eyeballs turn white,Dying。 ”Whoosh!” Suddenly behind the scenes,The young man had to abandon Wu Yuanjia and turn back,I saw a blue sword qi