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“Meow ~!”The cat monster makes a scream,Li Ming。

Although the fat is comparable to the fat tiger in the zoo,But agility is no less than a cheetah。If it is an ordinary person,I’m afraid I can only see a yellow streamer But Li Ming didn’t move,When the strange cat approaches,Turn your right hand into a knife,Hand knife,Hit the head of the strange cat。 “boom!”It’s

So much,He is also laughing。

“Hey-hey,become,Then I will call Li Boss.,By the way, let’s talk about our situation.。” “First wait。” Jin Xijie looked at Lu Changsheng,I don’t know what other instructions have.。 “You are now calling with Li’s brother.,Then how many shares do you want to give Li’s brother??” “After all, we are buying and selling five parties.。” Led Changsheng

Li Tianzhu raised his eyebrows,An irritable mood quickly spread,But Dayan remained unmoved,Because what he said is the truth,The mortal life and the gods and demons hidden in the mortal world is a difficult game,You can’t identify all the gods and demons,The enemy cannot force other gods and demons who are not hostile to the opposite side.,That’s not wise,It’s not good for anyone。

For a while,Awkward atmosphere,Zhong Sanpu wants to talk but stops,He learned a lot of information for the first time today,The shock in my heart is still digesting,But emotions and positions are undoubtedly on Li Tianzhen’s side,So the gaze towards Dayan suddenly became unhappy。 “You can’t change anything,At least it can’t be changed now。”Dayan shook his

Li Tianzhen left alone in a flatbed truck,Is a very outrageous thing,It can be said that in combat,Old man Dong will make serious mistakes,But no one questioned and blocked,Gu Changfeng、Lan Ling won’t,Sheng Guangda will not,The follow-up support troops do not understand the situation,Then even more not,Just watched the big car go away。

“What are you looking at?Work!”Gu Changfeng roared,Rushed up with the special forces team,Those panicked blood races were instantly caught by countless big leather boots、**Get down,No one resists,A lot of sluggish faces,I was scared by the horrible battle last night,I didn’t stupidly see that Li Tianzhi’s men were merciful and didn’t take their lives,I’m already thankful,Where

immediately,From various sources,Learned the whole story。

“report,Has entered the Urauula region,Whether to search now?” The vanguard of the iron-blooded blades has arrived in the Urauula area,To the place that was previously attacked。 Blood on the ground,The corpse of the comrades-in-arms invisibly explained the intensity of the battle。 Because it’s just escorting the creeper,So the escorted team did not carry heavy weapons。

He scratched his scalp with a little embarrassment and smiled:“Qin…Miss Qin is here too”To know,Qin Xiaomin turned out to be a household name in Pingdu,Now Chen Erniu doesn’t know where she was transferred,So he doesn’t know how to call it anymore。

“Hi!Don’t be embarrassed。That’s all in the past,You can call me Qin Xiaomin now,It still looks kinder”Qin Xiaomin’s smile,She seemed very calm when she said this。 Just when Xia Jian and Chen Erniu were standing in the courtyard talking,Two more people appeared on the balcony on the third floor。One is Xia Sanhu,The other is Ma Yan。

“Xia Zongzao“Fang Fang said hello mischievously。

Xia Jian didn’t say a word,Just made a start gesture,Zhang Sangui smiled slightly,The car slid out。Fang Fang seems to know why Xia Jian is angry,Also sitting in the back row,Enjoying the scenery outside the car window。 Xia Jian couldn’t help it anymore,Turn around and say:“This action is more dangerous,You came by yourself,Not my name,and so…“

“Why do you suspect that the two migrant workers did something to do?”

“Uh,Tao Xin said,The day when the crown was lost,I saw the two wandering in front of the Tibetan Scripture Pavilion,sneaking。” “Dao Xin?”Li Tianzhen remembered that he was the Taoist who was in charge of cleaning Jingsi Zhai and Tibetan Scripture Pavilion.,Said to be Tao Tong,Actually at least sixteen or seventeen years old,I don’t say anything

Time goes by。

Only the fifth day,The highest grade【Golden Jade Fire】Has reached the level of first-grade earth fire,Later, Li Ming took out a dull stone from the storage space,Control a scroll of golden jade fire,Grind the stones。 This stone,Is a precious material—Baidi Stone。 Baidi,Jindi,It is a kind of metallic treasure,The power of nature with metallicity inside。 【Golden Jade

First245chapter Princess

…… Five and a half million gold,In some countries, the annual tax revenue may not reach this figure,And in Miaoguo just for a game to please the powerful。 Subsequent bid,Have not reached this number。 Zhu Minglang has become the son-in-law of this year。 Although Zhu Minglang also knows that this is inseparable from his identity,But