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First245chapter Princess

…… Five and a half million gold,In some countries, the annual tax revenue may not reach this figure,And in Miaoguo just for a game to please the powerful。 Subsequent bid,Have not reached this number。 Zhu Minglang has become the son-in-law of this year。 Although Zhu Minglang also knows that this is inseparable from his identity,But

Leo reluctantly walked into the cabin under the instructions of the Nine Snakes.。

“I hope Hankku will not lose his mind,I can accept ruining my body,But if the game is too intense, I can’t hold it!” after all,Just now, Leo has seen the strength of the opponent,I have to say it’s scary。 Pojahancock grade:85 ability:Domineering、Armed domineering、Domineering、Superman type sweet fruit ability。 85Level of,I am afraid that his strength is

He just went upstairs and lay on the sofa,His phone rang。Xia Jian quickly took out a look,Which Lei Lei actually called?。Xia Jian couldn’t help being surprised,Why are you calling him at this time??There must be something urgent。

Xia Jian answered the phone without thinking,Lei Lei’s nervous voice came on the phone:“Xia Ge!I am Lei Lei。I have a little trouble at the Fengdong disco, not far from your home,Hope you can come and save me” “what!save you?No, I’ll call the police for you?” Xia Jianyi listen,Can’t help being surprised,It’s okay to call in

Ye Boping obviously didn’t know someone behind,Really frightened,People shrank in an instant,Looking back, I saw Zhang Siwei,Immediately speed up and run forward,Catch up with Zhao Gang,Took the knife out of the bag。

“You catch up!”Two bodyguards ran up quickly,But Ye Boping is already close to Zhao Gang,Cut at him with a knife。 Zhang Siwei shouted while running,“Ye Boping,Don’t mess around。” Zhao Gang heard Zhang Siwei’s voice,Looking back, I saw Ye Boping hacking himself with a knife,The wine wakes up,Side to the side,Dodged,“Ye Boping,You are crazy?” Ye Boping


Bald head yelled and fell down holding his legs,There is already a bloody hole in the thigh。 “What a strange request。”Cheng Yunxiao walked to Chen Zirong’s camp,They immediately made room,The two men in the back row directly moved a single leather sofa over,Ask her to sit down。 Li Hao didn’t directly kill the bald head,After

Bai Qinglin has been there for so long,Should have been shot long ago,But now it’s quiet all around,No one returned,This is obviously not right。

Jin Feng said in a deep voice:“Little Lord,I’ll go out and have a look。” Duan Junjian nodded,About to speak,Suddenly there was a loud noise,From outside。 “puff!what!” A miserable cry。 Duan Junjian and Jin Feng were surprised,The two got out of the carriage at the same time。 Look around,I saw a hundred meters away,A cyan figure,Coming

Wang Degui stared at Xia Jian for a while and said:“You better stop talking nonsense,If it affects the life of the villagers,I will call the police and say you spread rumors”

Xia Jian glanced at Wang Degui,No more words,But to urge Chen Erniu and the others to work hard。If Wang Degui’s collapsed house is not cleaned out,,There will be another heavy rain in the middle of the night。Water can’t flow out of the gate,The other buildings will be in danger。 Ouyang Hong quietly walked to Xia

He saw his two disciples,Now the big disciple has stepped into the real fairy,Eighteen half-walk ancestors’ clones,Now well-known in the Three Realms,Although the realm is still low,But relying on mana and spiritual treasure,Once fought with the bull devil,Defeat it。

He also saw several friends he knew,Now the other party has also survived the Tribulation。 And the old friends born together in the chaos,Also see clearly。The two Sanqing and Suiren even have a sense of Li Ming’s mental strength。 And in the end,Li Mingzai‘Way of Heaven’Among,See a dark power entrenched。 “Lord of the Demon??”Li Ming’s

Qin Hao’s mind turned,Then at night he sneaked into the kitchen here,When the food delivery person went to the bathroom。

I just killed him with the throat-sealing knife,Then use the human body simulation operating system again。 Turned himself into this food delivery person,And used air-extinguishing powder,Sprinkled on the man he killed。 Suddenly,The food delivery person became a plume of smoke,No trace left。 Qin Hao found this air extinguishing fan in the merit store,It costs five