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“Damn,We are hungry too,Let’s eat here together,Just can see‘Battle of Glory’Live broadcast!”Feng Xichuan proposed。 “Ok,President, don’t move,Let me go for a meal!”I saw Zhao Ping rush to the window,Swipe your card to order food when there are few people。 In a while,Three people eating the same meal,Sitting side by side at a long table facing

Qin Xiaomin gave Xia Jian a blank look,After a while, a brand new Mercedes Benz car came,Which two security guards did Xia Jian call?,Got into the car。

Drive from here to the hotel,Just two or three minutes。Xia Jian drove his car,Which small road took Qin Xiaomin to,They just set up two cars,Posing as an accident,Then they all sat on the Mercedes Benz。 Not a while,A small white van drove to a place not far from them and stopped,Then the people in the

First398chapter Escaped

…… Holding a jug of wine,Luo Shaoyan sitting on the chair outside,From a distance, watching a person laughing inexplicably on the broad lawn, Zhu Minglang。 Cold wind blowing,Luo Shaoyan took a sip of wine,Sighed lightly:“Blame me,Shouldn’t have brought him to play so exciting。” Lawn,Zhu Minglang guided the aura out again,And said seriously to the blue

“You are so careful,I almost forgot about it。How about this!You sit first,I go in and change clothes,This one is wet,Very uncomfortable”Hu Huiru winked at Xia Jian,Stepped into the bathroom。

Hu Huiru left,The waiter who came to clean the room came in。After he cleans the room,Xia Jian walked out of Hu Huiru’s room with the waiter。 Changan is good,But not a place to stay。This is Xia Jian,He is someone who can control himself。This is what makes him different from other men。 Based on Xia Jian’s

Kuang’s laughter gradually became deep。

Then stopped,Because he feels something wrong instinctively。 “It’s almost as I guessed!but,If you can take yourself first,Analyze the Tao of the Sith,Into the origin of the Tao of our universe,Even good for our universe,Isn’t it?” “who is it?!”The memory of the suspicion of the Sith tribe looks back,But I saw a figure appear behind me。

I saw Tong Juan holding the phone in her hand,Panting said:“Mr. Xu asked Dong Gu to answer the phone,Said something big happened”Tong Juan said,Passed the phone in his hand to Gu Changlong。

Gu Changlong hesitated,Or pick up the phone in Tong Juan’s hand,He pointed at the phone“Hey”Bang,Stop talking。It took a while before he hung up the phone,Then said to Gu Yue:“I’m in a hurry,Let’s talk when we are free” Gu Changlong finished,Then turned around and left。Tong Juan didn’t say a word,Follow Gu Changlong and get ready to