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“This seems to be a young dragon。”Lu Wenye whispered。

“how is this possible,The young dragon is brave,At most, he can deal with a lizard water monster that has been cultivated for three to four hundred years.。”Chen Bai said。 “Yep,It is the young dragon I will try this time。”Zhu Minglang responded。 “You are young dragon,I drank your foot wash tonight。”Chen Bai still doesn’t believe it。

This sect that uses assassination as a means of living,Internal members are extremely complicated,The strength is also very strong。Its power in the southwest corner of the mainland is just the tip of the iceberg of its full strength。

This killer building has a master killer,Domain master killer—Martial artist(Constant star)There are many killers。 But the identities of the killers in this killer building are kept secret,The black list only records their status as the top killers in the killer house。No one knows the real identity—-If you know,It is estimated that they have already died

“no,I haven’t started watching yet.,My eyes are hurting。”

“and you……How suddenly said that your previous things。” “How do I know that you are so stupid?,Continental inexhaustible syndrome,Emotional fluctuations have a key impact on aggravating the condition,This is unclear。” Zhou Ye turned over white eyes,I want Xu Ruoba definitely be confused.,He must know that Qi Pingjun is the intestinal easy-to-teach syndrome.,Frightened Zhou Ye did

So whether it is Brother Cao,Those brothers and sisters of the Brain Machine Society who are calm after all,Or Lu Yuxin is naturally the most suitable candidate。They naturally have the highest trust in Wang Yufei,Just need to follow the command,Naturally, Wang Yufei’s vision can be completed as quickly as possible。

The early quantum brain Wang Yufei did not require much performance,Just need to make this quantum brain can continue to run like a classic electronic computer,Able to solve common problems according to algorithms,Proved that his idea was completely correct,Naturally, we can use this result to directly recruit relevant talents。 There will be no more doubts

He knew someone would test,But I didn’t expect it to be this little kid。

“Isn’t it??Crazy temptation on the edge of death,Then I’ll give you an increase in memory!” Talking,Leo picked up the phone worm,The one with the image directly。 Hancock is on the phone,Good show,This is the beginning,Of course you have to call Hancock to watch。 quickly,Phone bug,A mist appeared on the opposite side。 And Hancock’s face is

While Yu Zhe was still thinking,Chen Zirong suddenly pushed in,After holding a word, he left in a hurry,Everyone has no time to answer“understand”,The other party has gone far。

He has a strong hunch,Chen Zirong must have come for the assassination this time,So I didn’t care about organizing things,The first to rush out of the staff room,Go straight to the hall。 Downstairs is not just Chen Zirong,Even Li Hao is there,The two seem to be discussing this fiercely,See Yu Zhe coming,Close up tacitly and

Wang Youcai is walking,While taking a peek at Yao Chunni behind her。He thinks this woman is so pitiful。Her great youth was wasted in Chenzhuang like this,But I haven’t had a good ending。This may be fate。

Wu Wu deserves to be a soldier,The efficiency of this work is really fast。He divided more than 30 people into several classes。More than a dozen brothers who went to Chenzhuang went to eat in advance,People left, So he bought a coffin for Chen Suicong。In addition, I compiled the funeral stuff into a list,Send someone to

“good news,Only repaired for an hour and a half,It is now open!”News of Shunzi came in the group chat。

And at this moment,One named“Long hair”Of players quietly logged into the game for the first time,Entered the legion system。 “Long hair”Not someone else,Was removed from the golden rose last nightCTeam youth,He received an even more difficult task to penetrate the enemy,Spying on all useful information。 “online users/Number of Legions/Total cap:4/208/300……” “The players of the Army