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In fact, conditions have been given in the village。One is that this land is transferred to the village,The village cooperative gave their family money。Compensation for one mu of land 36,000。This is four acres of land,Can make up 120,000。This is also a big number。

The second way is on the ground of their home,Build a farmhouse from the village。And run by their family,Their family must pay the rent of the house every year。 Song Fang for this,After thinking for a long time, I can’t make up my mind。Unexpectedly, Wang Degui asked Haodai about this,It seems that he knows something。

Since I have enough certainty,Then leave the Yanlong realm,The chasing down of Scarlet City Lord will also be on the agenda。

“But before that,We still have to deal with the masters of Yanlong Realm first‘Talk about’,Since my strength has changed,That should get the corresponding status!” Before the breakthrough,Even if Li Ming asks himself no less than any ruler,Comparable lack of durability of own battle,And there is no other master in the Three Realm Palace,Didn’t let the


Zhao Da Ge,What you said is the manager’s thing.?” Li Hui saw Zhao Pengyu’s face,I understand what the other party is playing.。 “exactly,Is a manager’s thing。” “Hey-hey,That must be,I have promised Zhao Da Ge before.,There must be a copy of you。” I heard Li Hui Feng said this.,Zhao Pengyu’s face is even smile,As long as

The voice of the relatives came from outside the door。

woman? Gigant,When will you have a woman with a woman?? “knew,You bring people in。” Gao Chang is not moving,I didn’t put my hand in my hand.。 Take a short while,Lead of the soldiers,It is one of the twins seen on the table of today’s wine table。 “Late night visit,I don’t know why.?I haven’t advised a

Yang Zhuo looked here,Look more,Contempt on the face,It goes without saying。

And with Yang Zhuo,obviously,People around Yang Zhuo,It feels so。 But now,It’s not the time to talk about these things。 Now that it is determined,Then next,It should be absolutely necessary to deal with these things properly is the focus。 Watching here,Wang Teng smiled:“Hope you wait,Can still be so happy。” What Wang Teng said,Where’s Yang Zhuo,The whole

Wang Youcai was taken aback,He opened the door and walked in。

It turns out that Zhao Hong is not alone in the house,Chen Erniu and Xia Sanhu are also here。Wang Youcai said hello to them,So I sat on a small stool in the room。 “This Wang Lao is really not something,Eat our family,Take our house,He stole our house in the end。Listen to me,Don’t go with this

Xia Jian just finished,Without waiting for Lin Wei to go please,Lu Wanting opened the door and walked in。I haven’t seen you this time,This woman looks better and better。

Short hair,Full of her skill and naughty。A fit denim casual dress,Sketch her attractive body vividly,It can be said that the convex place is convex,Where it should be。 Lin Wei looked at Xia Jian in a daze,So he closed the door and retired。Lu Wanting walked gently to Xia Jian’s desk,Asked in a low voice:“Are you optimistic?Isn’t

“Hey!Rich!Where are you?Hurry home,Your mother twisted his foot when he got on the ground,Pretty serious”One call,I heard Wang Degui shouting loudly inside。

Wang Youcai frowned and said:“Ok,I know,Coming back soon” Hang up the phone,Wang Youcai thought for a while and wanted to tell Wu Wu and Tianwa:“I have something here,You two hurry up and go to the food and oil shop for the people,Pull up a few buckets of Caizi Zong,Bring some flour by the way,This time

Liu Yibai, who had already cut down the branches on the other side、Li Tianzhang, they were scared and fell to the ground。

Chen Xiu also has lingering fears,Fortunately, I ran ahead,Those weird fish are coming soon,If the strange fish came earlier,I became the food of the strange fish。 “Come here!” of course,At this time, Chen Xiu did not forget Liu Yibai across the river.、Li Tianzhang and others,I stretched out my middle finger and compared it to everyone,Shouted:“You