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He knows that Scishuzz is a word.,But I didn’t expect the other side to say this.,I feel no one shouts,This goods can say that。

Suddenly,Red Wine Show,Newcomers are not words,He is just in the delay time, etc.。 “Since you understand the piano wine,Then you must always listen to him mentioned me.,You think you can live from me.?”Red Yok Shiyi,The muzzle is aimed at Liao Wenjie half a head,Looking for a fatal best opportunity。 “I know you are very powerful.,but……”

of course,I have confidence to say so。

The biggest advantage of Xin system is that it takes up small space,Fast running,And those highly intelligent software。 Can have these advantages,The brain-computer chip, macro language and its functional modules are the foundation。 If it is so easy to achieve intelligence,Microsoft has already done。 At least for now,Wang Yufei is confident that the source code

A good morning,Make people feel different。Xia Jian finished breakfast,Drove a clean car to the city hall。Qin Xiaomin saw that Xia Jian was here again,She inevitably asked in surprise:“what happened?What’s up with me again?”

“Can’t see you!”Xia Jian joked quietly,I took out the CD in the small bag and placed it in front of Qin Xiaomin。 Qin Xiaomin whited Xia Jian and said:“Be serious,Don’t joke around at work”She said,Took a look at the CD,Only then did she understand。 turn on computer,Put the disc in。Just clicked twice,A look of joy

The more so,Actually from now on,How to deal with such a thing,Actually just this,It’s already very strong。

And see here,Now,Wang Teng’s side,The others nodded。 “Yes,Lord,Let’s next,What should I do?” “That’s right,They are so cruel,So straightforward,Don’t give us the slightest chance。” “But if you think about it,Actually we really decided to do this,Then i think,We should still make sure!” Now,With these people,I didn’t forget to say here。 obviously,to deal with these problems,What should

She doesn’t know anything about ointments。

Machine can be made,But not necessarily what Fang Yu needs。 “also!I will give you the prescription tomorrow……” Fang Yu nodded。 Hold the contract。 Ready to turn and leave! “Wait!” Hu Yili shouted。 “Miss Hu,What else?” Fang Yu asked。 “Wan’er thing……I hope you don’t take it to heart。Uncle Jiang might have misunderstood you……Actually Wan’er still likes

Wang Youcai slumped his head back to the small clinic。Doctor Lu is giving a patient’s pulse,He looked up at Wang Youcai and said nothing。

He Jing glanced at Wang Youcai and smiled:“Boss Wang was too tired last night,Why do you look listless?” There is something in He Jing’s words,Wang Youcai can’t tell。He just smiled and said:“Drank too much,Your imagination is a bit rich” What Wang Youcai said,He Jing knows well,She laughed first herself。Provoke a few people who came to

“All right,Don’t talk about it yet。”

“Now that I have thought of how to solve it,Our primary purpose,Just to let Wang Teng know,Offend us,what exactly is it!” slowly,When Zhao Sikang saw this,There was even a hint of murder in his eyes。 And by Zhao Sikang’s side,Others see here,Nodded again and again。 Such a thing,Actually they have seen。 As for the next,What

Lin Tianfu and others are lost again,Chen Xiu took the opportunity to ask:“Lin Biaotou,That WuiWhat the hell did Yiru commit and was wanted by the government??”

“I don’t know this in detail。About three months ago,Aoki Gunseong began to want him,There are two rumors in the room,One is WuiYiru was originally a flower picker,Infiltrated the imperial palace and wanted to mislead the county,But I think this rumor is not credible。 you think,There are so many masters in the county palace! Not to

Zhao Hong glared at Chen Erniu and said“Don’t you get excited?You will affect Mr. Xia’s questioning,Anyway, still guess,The problem is not necessarily with this person”

Song Fangyi listened,I couldn’t help but breathe out,Then said:“I divided the money with Xia Sanhu,Let this person enter the factory,Xia Sanhu will tell the rest!” Xia Sanhu slapped his face regretfully,Then he took a breath and said:“After this person entered the factory,Just looked around,Doesn’t seem so interested,I walked away when I was busy,When found,He wandered