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City Management Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau went Qingshuihe County North Fort Township to carry out "three visits three questions’ research activities

  To effectively "I do practical things for the masses’ practical activities to effectively promote party history study and education achievements become a lively practice of public service, June 2, City Management Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau member, deputy director Zhi-and led the City Commission for Discipline Inspection JISC stationed City Management comprehensive law enforcement Bureau Liaozhen

China’s 25th batch went to the Congo (Jin) peacekeeping medical detachment to carry out school constitutional series activities

China’s 25th batch went to the Congo (Jin) peacekeeping medical team journey to Wanli and French peers ■ Li Xiaolong "will" promote the construction of human fate community ‘writing to the Constitution, have normative guidelines for my country’s diplomatic decision-making and diplomatic activities. We must actively Enhance constitutional awareness, carry forward the spirit of the

Beijing’s first district-level "long road" system landing Yanqing

Original title: the city’s first district-level "long road" system ground Yanqing (Reporter Li Yao) May 11, "the full implementation of rural roads Yanqing district long road system implementation plan" was promulgated, the program explicitly, 2021 late last year, Yanqing District will establish a comprehensive normalization of the district, township and village levels of rural roads

Diligent is a three-way quotation

  General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that when the Qinghai inspection path. Staff cadres should be repaired by politics, striving to party loyalty, benefiting the people, and strict discretion.   Enhance the political "three power", stay absolutely loyal and political nature, and strive to be the episode of party loyalty. The world is from Germany, and it

China’s 5G + industrial Internet field will be held in Wuhan

After successfully organizing the first China 5G + Industrial Internet Conference, Hubei will reward the only national event in this 5G + industrial Internet field. On November 11th, the Provincial Government Information Office held a press conference announced that November 19th to 21st, 2021 China 5G + Industrial Internet Conference will be held in Wuhan

De "drie stappen" in het Lishui Industrial Park is opgenomen in de reeks stabiele doeluitvoerwaarde

In 2021 was het het jaar van de opening van het "14e vijfjarenplan". Het begin van de "Common Prosperity Demonstration Zone", het Lishui Industrial Park Management Committee houdt zich altijd aan het werkconcept van "Springen in de Peach" , "Alleen" de taaiheid van "Rolling Stone Shangshan", die de hoogwaardige sprong-voorwaartse ontwikkeling van Lotus-industrie bevordert. Vanaf

Structural optimization, function recreation Henan launches reshabability of the provincial direct institution

People’s Network Zhengzhou December 1st (Reporter Wang Yuxing) On November 30th, the recovery of reshape reform of the Henan Direct Industry unit was officially launched, and Henan will revolve around the modernization of "things" and "industry" requirements, according to polite, The principle of investigation, the principle of management of management, promoted the reform of the