China’s 5G + industrial Internet field will be held in Wuhan

After successfully organizing the first China 5G + Industrial Internet Conference, Hubei will reward the only national event in this 5G + industrial Internet field. On November 11th, the Provincial Government Information Office held a press conference announced that November 19th to 21st, 2021 China 5G + Industrial Internet Conference will be held in Wuhan China Guanggu Science and Technology Convention. According to reports, this year’s conference is diverse, rich in content, take 1 + 1 + 2 + 22 mode, that is, a scene meeting, a results show, two main forums, 22 Subtrams. The site will invite all provincial and municipal communication management bureaus, industrial and information authorities to investigate 5G + industrial Internet typical application scenarios and experience exchanges. The main forum link, guests will consolidate the 5G + industrial Internet to consolidate digital economic development bases, enabling hot issues such as thousands of business intelligence upgrades.

A batch of political studies research with heavyweight guests will gather in Wuhan.

In addition to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, some of the national provincial and municipal submission departments, the person in charge of the transport department, Zhou Ji, He Hezhen, Ding Han, etc., the person in charge of the five major operators and other five major operators, and Huawei, ZTE, Baowu, Wave, Qianxin and other domestic head enterprises and Three Gorges, Dongfeng, Zhongxin, Changfei, etc., the person in charge of the company, will become a grand meeting of the extension of the extension of the extension of the exchange industry. A group of conference results will be released.

It is reported that the General Assembly will show the first anniversary of the General Secretary of the Provincial City, General Secretary General Secretary, Release 5G + Industrial Internet 5 Key Industries and 10 Typical Industrial Application Scenes, and industrial Internet and steel industries integrate application reference guidelines. In addition, this session focuses on professionalism and interactivity. The 9100 square meters of 5G + industrial Internet Actual Exhibition will be divided into professional exhibition areas and interactive display areas, and 17 companies in the professional exhibition area have concentrated on display. The interactive display area will show a series of new products such as 5G + robots, 5G + medicine, 5G + block chains, Let this conference become a full-time display of the latest 5G + industrial Internet construction achievements, become a grand meeting to lead the industry, showing Hubei stories, Wuhan experience. (Reporter Xiao Liqiong, intern Zhou Shi Yu).