Zhao Da Ge,What you said is the manager’s thing.?”
Li Hui saw Zhao Pengyu’s face,I understand what the other party is playing.。
“exactly,Is a manager’s thing。”
“Hey-hey,That must be,I have promised Zhao Da Ge before.,There must be a copy of you。”
I heard Li Hui Feng said this.,Zhao Pengyu’s face is even smile,As long as Li Hui nodded,Then he will be the general manager of the village.,Don’t say Zhaojia Village,It is something else in other places.。
Think about Zhao Xiaoli with Zhao Xiaoling’s sister,He is even more proud。
Although Zhao Xiaoling said that there is one leg with Li Hui Feng,Is talking in love,But if you really talk about love,Li speaks in the New Year.?
Thinking of Zhao Xiaoling, if the pig farmhold accounting,He is the general manager,In the future, he feels not too much.。
Zhao Xiaoli,Tasty,That is better than Zhao Xiaoling.。
If Zhao Xiaoling is a red apple,So Zhao Xiaoli is the mature peach。
As long as the general manager,He feels that the tricks will definitely get these two sisters.。
“Zhao Da Ge,what are you laughing at?”
Li Hui Feng saw Zhao Pengyu alone in the silly showing smile.,I don’t know what I want to think again.。
“Hey-hey,nothing,Just think that if you can be happy。”
Li Hui, who is about to enter the village committee, stop。
I look serious and seriously looks at Zhao Pengyu.,road:“Zhao Da Ge,Some things I have to tell you in advance.,I think you have misunderstood.。”
“Hey-hey,Needless to say,Needless to say,I understand,do not worry,As long as you like, I will never compete with you.。”
Zhao Pengyu thought that Li Hui Feng suddenly remembered Zhao Xiaoling.,But even if you don’t get it, Zhao Xiaoling only gets Zhao Xiaoli, he feels very perfect.。
“Forehead,Zhao Da Ge,You talk, but,I am afraid that I mean before I am afraid.。”
“Hahaha, I am sure to count.,Otherwise, it is impossible for us to get everyone’s trust so many years.。”
Say,Zhao Pengyu directly pulled Li with the wind into the village committee。
Today, the village committee’s court has been crowded early.,After all, the pig farm is a big event for Zhaojia Village.。
The most important thing is how to recruit people after the pig farm,Who is the manager,How many working money is announced today。
Most of the villagers come today is how much money is rushing for a month.,If you lose,They feel that there is no need to enter the pig farm.。
Li Hui also did not expect Zhaojia Village people actually,This is a little embarrassing.。
After all, he is originally intended to say that it is good.,But look at this, it is obvious that Zhao Pengyu has already planned.。
Especially in front of a row of tables, I still put a brand.。
The name of the red paper attached to the brand is written by a personal name.,There is also one of the titles,Let Li have a little ugly in the face。
Because the general manager is Zhao Pengyu,Accounting Zhao Xiaoling,Zhao Xiaoli is the manager of the sewage treatment,Even many people in Zhaojia Village have never seen it.,What security captain actually on it。
He spends money to raise a pig farm,This has not yet started pig,I felt that this is the desire for rights.,Strong。
“Zhao Da Ge,You come with me.。”
Zhao Pengyu heard that Li Hui Feng this,Also a glimpse,After all, it is in the past.,If Li speaks from the wind, he has passed with him.,That is not that people feel that he is Li Hui’s younger brother.?
Just when he hesitated,There is also a car at the entrance of the village committee.。