Wang Youcai was taken aback,He opened the door and walked in。

It turns out that Zhao Hong is not alone in the house,Chen Erniu and Xia Sanhu are also here。Wang Youcai said hello to them,So I sat on a small stool in the room。
“This Wang Lao is really not something,Eat our family,Take our house,He stole our house in the end。Listen to me,Don’t go with this old thing from now on,I can’t let him do anything about my family“Chen Yueqin scolded Wang Youcai with anger。
The confused Wang Youcai asked hurriedly:“What’s going on here?Mr. Wang offended you?“
“He didn’t offend me,But offend our old Wang family。This shameless old guy,I stole my house keys and matched two,When I went to live at your house last time,Take two bags of noodles from our hometown,And two barrels of oil were stolen to his house。Who do you think this is?Really want to send him in“Chen Yueqin gets more and more angry,Wang Youcai finally understood。
Wang Degui, who was smoking a dry cigarette, took a breath and said:“Are all this old,He has suffered when sent in。I’ll forget about it,Don’t say anything,Otherwise he will not be a good man in Xiping Village“
“Humph!This old guy is a bit greedy,If he doesn’t take the storm again,This case is really hard to solve。People are not as good as heaven,He never expected,Someday we will arrange a night watch team“Chen Erniu glanced at Wang Degui,Said coldly。
Zhao Hong stood up suddenly,She told Wang Degui:“Wang Lao Yi confessed everything,Speak very clearly about what he did。We came here today just to hear your opinion,In this case,This matter is not allowed to spread outside,Which side of the police station I will find a way to eliminate the case“
“Row!Let him go this time“Wang Degui said decisively。
Zhao Hong nodded,So he took Chen Erniu and Xia Sanhu away。
Chen Yueqin snorted coldly:“You are too generous!Two bags of noodles and two barrels of oil are done?Even if you don’t ask him to miscalculate old accounts,These stolen things should always be returned to us!“
“Ok mom!What do you want him to pay back?!He is like this,What he needs is to take,Instead of stealing。Moreover,How do you keep the keys to my house,He could steal it out and match it?“Wang Youcai suddenly questioned Chen Yueqin。
Chen Yueqin,Can’t help but get angry,She yelled:“The keys of my house are always on the windowsill when not in use,Who knows when he stole it away“
“All right,Stop this matter,No one can mention it again。Anyway,This Wang Laowai has been walking around our old Wang’s house,This matter will be known to others in the village,Don’t laugh and lose big teeth“Wang Degui said with a serious face。
Chief Wang Youcai said with a sigh:“Row!Two bags of noodles and two barrels of oil?,I gave it to him“
Chen Yueqin shook her head helplessly,And started cooking dinner。Move this to a place,Nothing is convenient,But there is no other way。
Wang Youcai will spend the night in the house,He fell asleep at dawn,When he wakes up,I found that it was past eight o’clock。He hurriedly got up,Did not say a word,Ran directly to the village entrance。
When he arrives,Meizi is standing next to his jeep carrying a big bag。Wang Youcai said nothing,I opened the car and got in。