He knows that Scishuzz is a word.,But I didn’t expect the other side to say this.,I feel no one shouts,This goods can say that。

Suddenly,Red Wine Show,Newcomers are not words,He is just in the delay time, etc.。
“Since you understand the piano wine,Then you must always listen to him mentioned me.,You think you can live from me.?”Red Yok Shiyi,The muzzle is aimed at Liao Wenjie half a head,Looking for a fatal best opportunity。
“I know you are very powerful.,but……”
Liao Wenjie smiled:“You can try it,I have Bell Mad helped guns.,Plus me in the Month Monitor,Do you think we are going to fall down??”
Liao Wenjie,Give a standard answer:“Hehehe,Is this thinking?,It is definitely that Bell Madells first。”
Bell Madman,From the beginning, Liao Wenjie does not hoping,So now,Find a self-help opportunity。
Ji Yisheng stunned,Just want to ask,What happened?,What is the criterion??
Two years of long,Short of shortcomings,How to paint this ghost?
Piano wine,The piano wine is not more than?
Just when the red yarn,Suddenly I found that the hiped Bell Mad secretly made it a eye.,He didn’t see anything, didn’t see anything.,Side-seeking performance。
It’s not bad,Although the organization changed,But internal hint is still,His youth has not lost。
“Spia,I have something to tell you.。”Belmudi micropile,Give it behind Liao Wenjie a very beautiful side of the angle。
Mature big sister’s feminine smile,Eyelid with light,Abnormal。
“what,What is you laughing?,Is it a red dress??”
Avoiding the muzzle to the position of the temple,Bell Mad eye is full of vision,Flash a cold,While the land is low,After wearing the feet of high heels, trampled on the foot of Liao Wenjie.。
Haven’t end yet,Bell Mad low head quickly lifted,After the brain is heavy in Liao Wenjie。
A rumor,Bell Madet in front of the black,Painful pain,Soft falling down,Heart cursor, a mat。
It is iron。
In the moment of her street,Redi Xiuyi Decoction Trigger,Sanfa bullets aim at Liao Wenjie’s back shoulders and right legs。
Captive is not too small,Newcomers don’t matter,He wants to come from Liao Wenjie.。
Unfortunately,Liao Wenjie seems to have expected,Just falling in Bell Mad,The front of the gun sounded,He flew to the left hand side,People aim at the air of the red yard。
Redi Show,Incutment of the crisis,The body is faster than the brain,To avoid the muzzle of the black cave,Body transition,Due to a high slope,Almost and the ground form a forty-five degrees。