Liu Yibai, who had already cut down the branches on the other side、Li Tianzhang, they were scared and fell to the ground。

Chen Xiu also has lingering fears,Fortunately, I ran ahead,Those weird fish are coming soon,If the strange fish came earlier,I became the food of the strange fish。
“Come here!”
of course,At this time, Chen Xiu did not forget Liu Yibai across the river.、Li Tianzhang and others,I stretched out my middle finger and compared it to everyone,Shouted:“You guys keep chasing me!”
Liu Yibai and Liu Yibai gritted their teeth with anger,Helpless。
Chen Xiu smiled triumphantly while standing on the shore, pinching his waist with both hands。
“puff!”Maybe his laughter is too loud in the dark,The strange fish in the river can’t see,Jump from the river to the shore with water。
Watching the big fish with bloody mouth bite towards itself,Chen Xiu couldn’t help but back away,One staggered and sat on the ground,That strange fish’s mouth is away from his pantsDIt also fell to the ground where it didn’t fall half a meter。
But the fish got out of the water,I lose my vitality when I reach the shore,Just biting the mouth one by one。
“To Nima!”
Chen Xiu kicked the strange fish back into the river,I reach out to touch my crotch,Check if your important parts are missing。
Chen Xiu wiped away the cold sweat from his forehead,Take a look at the strange fish jumping up and down on the river,I dare not stay long,I just found a direction and ran out,The farther away from the river, the better。
Liu Yibai and Li Tianzhang laughed when they saw Chen Xiu, who was pale in fright.,Venting the depression in my heart。
Just after the laughter,Looking at Chen Xiu away,All of a sudden disappeared in the woods on the opposite bank and disappeared,Even asked the people around:“Is there any way to cross the river?!”
Everyone looks at each other,Qi Qiyou remained silent。
Just now they witnessed that Uncle De was dismembered by a strange fish in the river,Give them a hundred courage and dare not stick branches like Uncle De“Yiwei crossing the river”。