Although in the next few years,The accident rate in the aviation field proves that the safety of aircraft using refurbished parts is also sufficiently guaranteed,It’s not uncommon to tear down the east wall to make up the west wall,Chen Geng knows that Americans are always careless about such things,Don’t talk about civilian equipment,Even the main battle weapon of the US ArmyM1A2“Abrams”The same is true for main battle tanks,M1The production line of the series of main battle tanks has long been dismantled,What to do when the tank’s life is expired?Easy to handle,Dismantled the tank and refurbished it、Yanshou,What new equipment is needed and put it on……

But you know,Chen Geng always feels a little uncomfortable。
Black buddies continue:“These removed parts,In addition to supplying new aircraft,Some are provided to airlines for maintenance after refurbishment,Those replacement parts used by airlines for daily maintenance,Quite a few are also used refurbished parts……of course,These are what the workers of Onis said……”
Statham’s face turned pale。
“what happened?”Look at Statham’s face not so good,Chen Geng asked in a low voice。
“I’m thinking,Wouldn’t this be the case with the US military’s military equipment??”Statham whispered。
Chen Geng said:“Isn’t this unusual??I heard that this situation is very common in the army,such asF-16Fighter bar,If the logistics are not available for a while,The maintenance personnel of the equipment will temporarily ground several aircraft,Remove the parts from the grounded aircraft for other aircraft,Even airplanes are like this,Other equipment should be similar?”
When I met Onis,Chen Geng couldn’t believe that the eyeball in front of him was red、Unshaven、I don’t know that the guy who hasn’t changed his clothes for a few days so that his body smells like a smell is the owner of a company that is said to be profitable.。
“You want to buy my company?”Onis glared at Chen Geng and Rosemary and shouted:“50Ten thousand!give me50Ten thousand U.S. dollars,This company is yours!”
This guy looked at Chen Geng’s expression,It’s like a person who is about to drown watching a straw floating in the water。
Chen Geng had some sympathy for Onis before,But right now,Seeing this looks very like a red eye、Do everything possible to find the last copper plate、The guy who expects the gambler to come back on this last copper plate,Chen Geng’s last pity for him is gone:“50Ten thousand?Why do you think your company is worth50Ten thousand?”
“Just because I just took apart a McDonnell Douglas last monthDC-7,I made a whole profit on that plane8Ten thousand U.S. dollars!Yes8Ten thousand U.S. dollars!”Onis roared at Chen Geng like a gambler who lost his eyes:“Earn for a plane8Ten thousand U.S. dollars!Can take down three airplanes a year,You made a fortune!”
McDonnell’sDC-7aircraft?Chen Geng turned to look at Rosemary:What kind of plane is this?
Rosemary explained to Chen Geng in a low voice:“DC-7Is Douglas Aircraft Company in50A large civil propeller aircraft,useB-29The piston engine of the bomber powers,Maximum passenger capacity exceeds100people,Maximum range exceeds9000Kilometer,It is the first U.S. civil aviation aircraft that can fly across the U.S. without stopping,Arranged by many civil aviation companies to execute transatlantic flights,There are still someDC-7Aircraft in service。correct,At that time, McDonald and Douglas had not merged。”
So,If it’s such a big plane,It’s understandable to make seven or eighty thousand dollars。
But trading,Allow you to make a price,I’m not allowed to bargain?Chen Geng’s honest reply:“Earn a plane8Ten thousand U.S. dollars?Mr. Onis,Are you sure you can take down three in a yearDC-7?”
Onis’ face suddenly froze。
This kind of large aircraft has always been a sought-after item in the aircraft dismantling industry,McDonnell DouglasDC-7It was hard to get it。