[Can I put oyster sauce in cold cucumber]_Increase oyster sauce_Can you

[Can I put oyster sauce in cold cucumber]_Increase oyster sauce_Can you

In the summer, eat a few cold cucumbers, which are very refreshing and have a good effect of cooling off heat. The method of cold cucumbers is very simple. The most commonly eaten is to shoot cucumbers. When doing cucumber shoots, put a little oyster sauceIt has a good refreshing effect, not only can stimulate appetite, taste is also very good, and the method is relatively simple, let’s briefly understand the practice of cold cucumber and oyster sauce.

Can cold cucumbers be put in oyster sauce?

Cucumber, this is super delicious, it is delicious enough not to be unnecessary, but it is delicious, so can this cold cucumber be put in oyster sauce?

How to do it: Cucumber with oyster sauce 1.

Wash the cucumbers clean 2.

Slap the cucumber flat with the back of the knife 3.

Cut open section 4 from the middle.

Place the cucumber in a bowl 5.

Add oyster sauce, salt, sesame oil, vinegar, oil, pepper and mix well 6.

Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 10 minutes. 7

How to put the cucumbers in oyster sauce on the plate: Steps: Wash the cucumbers clean, flatten the cucumbers with the back of the knife, split the cuts from the middle, and put them in the bowl.Mix the vinegar and oil peppers in the fourth step. Cover the plastic wrap and put in the refrigerator for 10 minutes. The main effect is 1.

Oyster sauce is rich in trace elements and a variety of amino acids, which can be used to supplement various amino acids and trace elements, which are mainly rich in zinc, which is the first choice for people who lack zinc; 2.

2. There are 22 kinds of amino acids in oyster sauce, and the content of various amino acids is balanced. Among them, the glutamic acid content is half of that. It and the nucleic acid together form the flavor body of oyster sauce and complement each other.

Oyster sauce taurine acetate can enhance human health and other health functions.