What vegetables should influenza eat?

What vegetables should influenza eat?

The weather is getting warmer. Spring is the season of all things. It is also the time when the spring flu is outbreaking. If you accidentally get the flu, what food is better?

In fact, if you want to catch a cold, you can get better. In addition to taking medicine and taking injections, we can also eat more foods that have an auxiliary therapeutic effect on colds!

So what kind of vegetables are better to eat?

1. The high iodine content in lettuce lettuce is beneficial to the basal metabolism and physical development of the human body.

The nutrition of lettuce leaves is much higher than that of lettuce stems. People who are prone to cough in autumn eat more lettuce leaves and can cough.

2, onion and onion has the effect of divergent wind and cold, the smell is spicy, has the effect of cold resistance, can resist the epidemic cold, and has an alternative bactericidal effect.

The onion is rich in nutrients, which can stimulate the secretion of the stomach, intestines and digestive glands, increase appetite and promote digestion.

Onions can promote the excretion of sodium salts, thereby lowering blood pressure, and therefore have a good health care effect on patients with hypertension, hyperlipidemia and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

3, tomatoes and tomatoes not only taste delicious, but also have a certain “medicine effect.”

Tomatoes contain vitamin C, which can induce colds, and a large amount of lycopene is a natural pigment that turns tomatoes into red, which has anti-oxidative damage and softens blood vessels.

4, radish flavor Xingan, cool, with heat and detoxification, cough and phlegm, more cough caused by wind and cold, more suitable.

The folk saying that there is radish syrup is to wash the radish, cut into thin slices, put it in a bowl, put sugar on it, put it on for one night, dissolve it into radish syrup, repeat it many times, and have a good effect of relieving cough and removing phlegm.

5, kelp kelp is rich in iodine, iodine can promote thyroxine secretion, producing trace amounts.

The human body’s thyroid secretory free radical has a substance called thyroxine, which can accelerate the oxidation of many tissue cells in the body, increase the body’s ability to produce heat, increase the basal metabolic rate, accelerate blood circulation, resist cold and cold, and even suffer from cold.There is no cold.

Therefore, let the children eat more kelp in winter.

6, perilla can be used for both medicine and food, can prevent the occurrence of cold weather and cold cough in winter.

Chinese medicine believes that perilla leaves have the effect of dissolving cold and dispelling cold. The records of traditional Chinese medicine collection: the perilla leaves are warm and pungent, with the effects of solution, cold, qi, and battalion.

It is suitable for colds, colds, fever, cough, asthma, chest and abdomen and other complications.