Some workplace encounters under the crisis

Some workplace encounters under the crisis

We have long been ignorant of the environmental protection of the stock market in the morning financial news every morning, and we really realize that the existence of the financial crisis may come from some workplace encounters that catch the wind.

  The website editor Rachel received an offer from a newly established website content director two months ago. The editorial director and her had been talking verbally, leaving only the last one who seemed to have gone through the interview with the personnel manager.

Rachel is still very confident in her “meeting extra points”, thinking that the interview is a face-to-face process, so she cleaned up and went away with great energy.

Saying that the interview process is not turbulent, but when it comes to the most critical issue of salary, the personnel manager sold off, he said, “We will contact you afterwards to specifically target.”

Rachel didn’t take it seriously, so she went back and watched the change.

As a result, the news disappeared for a week, and Rachel ignored the job-hopping taboo of “proactively causing others to think you are anxious, and then becoming passive.” The text message asked the director of the editorial department.

  The other side hesitated and replied, “The personnel manager thinks you are too expensive.”

  ”So how much are you willing to pay?

“It’s already naked.

  The other party offered a price.

  This price, even Rachel’s current level is not as good, the title has risen, but the salary has fallen, this is not reasonable anyway.

The director of the editorial department had to quietly tell the truth: “I didn’t expect to encounter a bad environment when this project was launched. Some personnel matters are changing every day. I didn’t expect it.

“. Recently, a post on the Internet has been reposted in various forums. It is” Ten Notes of the Financial Crisis “, including not resigning, not changing jobs, not changing careers, not starting a business, and backing up a few company positions, Do not take the initiative to ask the boss to raise wages, layoffs often start with higher wages and so on.

Although everyone reposted this post as a joke, there are really more “money” Jing’s new jobs in the call and will not give up because of this, but for those white-collar workers who want to threaten their bosses for better salaries and positions,If this grasping degree is not well grasped, the result of the undercurrent surge is also likely to occur under the background of economic depression.