City Management Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau went Qingshuihe County North Fort Township to carry out "three visits three questions’ research activities

  To effectively "I do practical things for the masses’ practical activities to effectively promote party history study and education achievements become a lively practice of public service, June 2, City Management Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau member, deputy director Zhi-and led the City Commission for Discipline Inspection JISC stationed City Management comprehensive law enforcement Bureau Liaozhen River, four bureau researcher Li and his party went to Qingshuihe County North Fort Township Village cow carry out research to focus the "three visits three questions" activities, effectively solve the masses’ trouble worry hope. "

  His research group first came to Qingshuihe County North Fort Township Village cow, grass-roots party organizations to learn more about the History learning education learning, but it is difficult villagers encountered in life, and the problem should be solved in village secretary in-depth exchanges and explore the detailed records, field research and operation of the village collective economy. Comrade Liao Zhen River pointed out that everybody in the village cadres to work in the future in innovative thinking, continuous learning research, stimulate endogenous power of poor households, poor households to make the conversion from passive to active assistance to get rich, attack the "new" more offensive "heart"; at the same time do a good job working party history study and education, continue to do practical things, gather the people, to play an active role in grass-roots cadres to take on new new new era as the party flag to add luster. SUN Zhi and Jiang stressed that the Municipal Urban Management Bureau party attaches great importance to the "three visits three questions ‘research activities, adhere to the" interests of the masses is no small matter, a leaf of customs intelligence, "and careful study, gradually, step by step to solve the villagers’ lives difficulties encountered, while encouraging you to focus cadres residing in the objectives and tasks of continuous efforts to study the History of Education as an opportunity to consolidate the results of tackling poverty, to promote the effective convergence and rural revitalization, the Communists continued to develop perseverance, state of mind to work hard, practical action to practice public servant character, sincerely do practical things for the people, solve problems, and effectively improve people solve problems, doing practical ability and level.

(Editor: Zhang Xue Dong, Liu Ze).